I took the PTK and did not pass. The company that administers this test is a not-for-profit company. For general questions call: I received a 6 on my essay. Be certain to answer every part of the prompt, check your spelling, and make sure that you have no grammar or mechanical errors. American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. On February 4th, Barbara Johncox says:.

Effective Lesson Planning As we welcome the new schoolyear, I would like to stress to everyone that it is every teacher’s goal to help each student become successful in school. Write a memo to the new teachers discussing the role lesson planning plays in effective teaching. I was very nervous about the writing portion for Ptk, especially after reading the forums. But I was still able to practice. Write down a list of your most common grammar and spelling areas. The lesson plan is a tool that guides you in fulfilling your goal.

If you follow all of their advice, then you WILL pass the essay. One thing that helped immensely was that I took handwritten notes off of the study material as I read it.

Maybe I just got lucky and was given questions over material with which I was already familiar. It is NOT free, and it is very challenging. Is this rule intended for use such as the spacing between paragraphs? WashingtonDC quesfions Practice your weak areas. Here are some additional, practice writing prompts and exercises to help you prepare for your PTK exam essay:. Abct are some step-by-step instructions on how I passed my essay: I have also been taking an online course with a professor from Eastern Carolina University who has a PhD in Education for the past two weeks to help me prepare for the Praxis in July.


abcte ptk essay questions

How did you gain access to the feedback that said you misspelled received? Or should we write in an undefined format i. I will, however, use it to prepare to be a better teacher. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. I believe you all are giving some great advice ewsay they are all well taken Tell us your stories!

abcte ptk essay questions

Not much has been esay about the PTK exam. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Teachers I have a question regarding learning a second languageTeaching, 15 replies Follow City-Data.

This is the part that concerns me most, and seeing what is expected is a great help. I am nervous about the writing part.

Writing Prompts

In conclusion, we therefore have to be really prepared. We are in an institution that aims to bring out the best out of every child that enters our classrooms. The space bar thing is just for indented paragraphs, don’t use it, just press enter twice.

I used Elements of Style 4th ed by William Strunk 3. I did not do any outside reading apart from the workshops and googling terms and people with which or whom I was unfamiliar. How is that possible? I am here in Florida and I have to pass this part by June 30th or else I wont be able to teach next year.


In your memo, please describe some strategies for cultivating a positive classroom, the benefits of creating a positive environment for students, and how you will include parents in this endeavor. What helped me the most was practicing the two exams and accompanying questions in Explore mode to see the reasoning behind the correct answers.

Being aware of the things that you and your students need to accomplish result to very little or almost no time wasted.

General Questions | ABCTE

I have been a teacher in Christian schools for 25 years. My paragraphs were as follows; 4 sentences, 5 sentences, 6 sentences, 5 sentences, 4 sentences.

abcte ptk essay questions

Lesson planning is an essential component of effective teaching. I was reviewing the scoring rubric and it mentioned that we shouldn’t use the space bar. Your response will be evaluated based on how well you communicate your message to the intended audience, not questoons your personal opinions, position, or point of view.

On February 4th, Barbara Johncox says:.