This use case describes the event of a technician creating an equipment record for a client. Modeling System Requirements Page Assignment Now that we have studied the current system and analyzed some of its problems and opportunities, plus gained approval to proceed, we can now start to identify the business requirements for the system and model them. Thank you for your time. Various groups of users will have differing rights within the system. This use case describes the event of viewing the list of components installed in a piece of equipment. This use case concludes when the user exits the unresolved request list screen None None Web programming to be used so clients can have easy remote access.

The quantity of a component installed on a piece of equipment. This use case describes the event of viewing the list of components installed in a piece of equipment. We could even allow clients to view their own unresolved requests. Prepare a Use-Case Model Diagram. May be related to a specific piece of equipment.

You know, some of the support systems I work with for software that we use e-mail me a suggested fix. An identifier for each service request. Technician or management users may request to mark a request as resolved.

Case study CTTS milestone 09 application architecture

Modeling System Requirements Cass Or the system may be designed so that the resolve request is never given as an option to a user lacking that right. An Employee role was added for two use cases that could be accessed by any employee. What about the software configuration part of the system?


case study ctts - milestone 03

The techs will just enter the configuration information. Foreign key ztudy a relational database concept that is not used in object-oriented analysis. I like that better. I can click on any one of those requests either to see the history or to mark it as resolved. The quantity of a component installed on a piece of equipment. Work done mileatone a technician, in response to a service request.

We need to track whether a piece of equipment is a PC, a printer, a network device, or something else. Students will need to make assumptions about the sequence of events as well as numbering and other minor issues.

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One thing I think would be helpful would be for the techs to be able to view a list of their unresolved requests and view the complete history of any request and all the work done on it.

That means the inventory check-in will also have to be part of the system. But I suppose the employee entry is so rare that we milestons ignore that for your mileston high-level modeling. I also think that more than just clients need to be able to add service requests. The date a service request is reported. Most students should sstudy able to correctly identify the Uses relationships shown below. But the clock on automatic resolution only starts ticking after we have responded somehow — sent an e-mail, done some work, whatever.


Prepared by Gary B. First, I should only get to any of this functionality after I logon.

Determine actors, use cases, and relationships. Or sometimes we know that an issue is resolved as soon as we put in the work record. Is there anything else along those lines that we need to discuss? I’m wondering if that could work. Prepared by Gary B.

case study ctts - milestone 03

Equipment that is owned by a client and serviced by Coastline. The date an inventory item was purchased. Of course, each Tech would see all of his or her own unresolved requests.

This is less frequent, but sometimes we need to change the list of standard equipment types. Object Analysis Solution Page: Check for proper UML notation of the input messages as well as for the logic of the diagram.

case study ctts - milestone 03

Digital Fundamentals Floyd 8th Edition Problems files, just click the download link: But since every other use case would use logon, this was left out solely to keep the use case diagram that follows from becoming messy.