They rent their mobile network from O2 and sell pre-pay SIM cards and actively compete against the traditional Telco companies. The community has radically cut customer support costs compared to the traditional contact centre-centric model. So, customers hacked a solution, literally. Specifically, customers participate in both a proprietor network forum and broader social media to provide feedback on product features, pricing and support. Many thanks – Laurence. More customer generated product launches can be found here. Anonymous 9 December at

Solution Over time we developed three ways for MGM to take place: Does a business, like a mobile service provider, have to run with the traditional overhead and expense, or is there a new social way to run a business? Giffgaff using community to build a company. Similar to Dell IdeaStorm , GiffGaff have continued their Ideas page and at the point of writing they have implemented ideas direct from their community. That’s very funny about Kudos.

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Case Study: Giffgaff Turns Customers Into Members Of Its Community Business Model

Thanks Eric – duly amended! GiffGaff doesn’t make micro SIM cards; they don’t fit their business model, especially from a distribution and supply chain point of view.

case study giffgaff

My wife is a huge Iain Banks fan, but I’ve never read him. Problem The low-cost business model meant that limited resources were available for customer acquisition. In the start-up team was Robbie Hearn — Head of Customer Experience and future founder of Standing on Giants — and brought in to create the community as its chief was Vincent Boon — also a future founder of Standing on Giants.


How do we transform thousands of satisfied customers into a low-cost acquisition channel?

GiffGaff Social Customer Case Study from #LiNC | Social Media Today

Too many people peed in the pool by Stephen Fry. Mike Fairman Web References: A little off-topic, but I wonder if the GiffGaff folks are sci-fi geeks like me. The idea implemented allows for a modification at any time, i. Thanks for the write up by the way Laurence. Becky Carroll 1 January at According to Hearn, the community actually launched before the company launched product.

The evolution went like this:. Other notable customer ideas implemented in include: Unlike most mobile operators with large fire-fighting call centres, GiffGaff have just 14 employees and no call centre. Super-recruiters were often highly engaged users in the community and helped guide further developments of the programme.

Or is GiffGaff in a unique position, having started without legacy baggage, that has enabled it to grow this community and business? If you have concerns as to the accuracy of anything posted on this site please send your concerns to Peter Carr, Programme Director, Social Media for Business Performance.

The company only has 14 employees, yet has been able to stake out a significant share of the UK telecoms market by way of its impassioned customer community.

Laurence Buchanan 9 December at Terms of use Privacy Policy. Members help with other members problems Giffgarf collective good – Members can donate their “thank you” rebate to charity Simple – SIM only. So, customers hacked a solution, literally. Hi Laurence, I also recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the GiffGaff employees when he was presenting in The Netherlands.


case study giffgaff

Success depends on how well and how fast you respond. By clicking ‘Agree’, you consent to the use gffgaff cookies and similar technologies as described in our Privacy and Cookie Statement. In this case study, we examine this using the disruptive telecom brand giffgaff as an example and look at how the members of that brand became the main source of sales.

I just happen to be reading it right now An example might be illustrative. The model acts to funnel customer feedback, mutual support and ideas from decentralized social media access points, to a proprietor platform of systematic categorization, then to a developmental process with stage reporting.

giffgaff UK: A Case Study of Customer Co-creation – Social Media for Business Performance

Now clearly as a start-up, GiffGaff have some unique advantages. UK-based mobile virtual network operator MVNO giffvaff has found that using a community-based business model delivers business benefits.

Responses are returned to the contributor within a process oriented framework:. Similar to Dell IdeaStormGiffGaff have continued their Ideas page and at the point of writing they have implemented ideas direct from their community.

I am responsible as much as anyone for the name.