Some culture nations have economic at a torrid pace: Online spaces provide a dialogic space where multiple voices can exist, thereby giving students ample opportunities to express their opinions. Communication to the public also means any communication, wireless or Yet there remain real challenges to overcome if the AEC will live up to the expectations of the governments in the region. If ELFs or others working in an educational development context lack an understanding of the specific needs and expectations of those with whom they work, they are less likely to provide useful support.

The underlying design and implementation issues that ran across these studies were a the collaboration between the university research centres in Singapore and the school, b teacher scaffolding of the task, c the integration of traditional academic literacies with multimodal literacies, and d technical support needed during the implementation of the technology in the English classroom. English Language as Capital Kirkpatrick, A. English Language Fellow Program. For these reasons, the wider awareness of the importance of teacher quality nationwide, and the widespread assessment of English teachers at public schools are judged to represent initial success. However, integration could address this problem. Besides, geo-political and intellectual property issues have made both current and potential investors reconsider China as an investment location.

Because liberals believe that economic factors are the determinant of all social processes and then according to them that international political economic phenomena can be explained by the various existing theories in economics.

What kind of English teachers does Vietnam need for the 21st Century? As it stated at the AEC list for the member countries readiness in the economic of legal and policy frameworks and ranked, asean is in the third after only Singapore and Malaysia.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

ByEnglish language teachers had been trained for Cambodian secondary schools T. Despite this agreement, the trainers differ in the relative amount of optimism expressed in their comments on the questionnaires. Corporate Level Strategy Global Transformations: Language, power and ideology in Brunei Darussalam.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

As discussed earlier, this assumption seems to be common sense, but the development and actual application of such a framework to assess and develop teachers in an Asian nation requires a certain level of political determination. Since its inception, the NFL has been addressing a number of major challenges, including: In the free trade later, AEC will lead to price volatility and exchange rates tend to be irregular.


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN was established with the goals of furthering economic development, providing a forum for collaboration and cooperation, maintaining stability, and providing assistance in the region. This general view was expressed by seven of the nine trainers. She has taught English, French, and research skills to secondary school and junior college students in Singapore.

Asia Pacific Journal of Pediatric and Child Health

The next section summarizes lessons from Vietnam regarding ASEAN integration-enabling policies and implementation strategies and makes recommendations for regional proficiency assessment, teacher competency tools, alignment of teacher training curricula and materials, and vehicles to carry out capacity- building priorities. For example, Lee and Ho also agreed that students needed to be taught explicitly about how images and music represent sconomic or evoke different moods in their digital stories.

For example, inthere werepreschool teachers, but bythere wereMOET, a, p.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

Its goal points tuberculosis essay papers actions that will enhance security in each of the ASEAN member states. I am pleased to note that the literacy rate for male and female between 15 and 24 is The benchmarks consist of five levels that correspond with the CEFR.

Create Regional English Teacher Competency Assessment Tools Create English and FL teacher competency assessment tools such as teacher self-assessments and praxis assessments for pre-service teachers at all levels of instruction: He has joined in building programs of English professional training for primary school teachers.

It is expected that in the next phase of the NFLRFLCs will continue to provide national leadership in five identified areas language proficiency, teach- ing methodology, technology for language teaching, action research, and assessment not only by strengthening their own involvement in the project activities, but also by guiding and coaching other language training institutions in the country to meet the goals of the NFL V.


Research regarding assessment instruments.

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Do you have any other comments related to this questionnaire? The role of SMEs that currently there were approximately 55 million units and businesses throughout Indonesia, not only expected to increase employment, and tackle the problem of unemployment, but it also can accelerate regional development.

There were undeniably communication and collaboration between countries to improve medical services and ensuing an establishment of local affiliation or representative office of a foreign-owned medical company.

In the third place, ASEAN members are negotiating intra-regional services liberalization for several sectors, including social services, air transport, construction, maritime transport, telecommunications and tourism. Evaluating the English for Cambodia textbook series. The Aec nations then committed themselves with an objective to establish a single market economy for the region in The (aswan is to create a highly competitive economic community that will play a significant role in cultuge global economy.

The neoliberal order of Cambodia: Case studies from the Asia-Pacific region pp.

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He argued that the spread of English in Cambodia is related to both the promotion of the language by outsiders as well as the choice of individual Cambodians who see the ability to use the English language as an advantage. English language and its education in Cambodia, a country in transition.

A concerted effort from all member countries involved in systematic networking and sustained collaboration to address specific, targeted needs and concerns is not only timely but also highly necessary within the AEC. Hoa, local human resources are not enough and it is necessary to mobilize additional resources, including national and international specialists and international resources, to support sociak NFL T.