Other frescos show the miracle of Sravasti, Ashtabhaya Avalokitesvara and the dream of Maya. Originally, there were probably wooden structures associated with them, which would have deteriorated over time. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Two square windows were carved between the doorways to brighten the interiors. While Cave 16 is known for depicting the life stories of the Buddha, the Cave 17 paintings has attracted much attention for extolling human virtues by narrating the Jataka tales.

Relics found in these caves suggest a connection between the religious and the commercial. The ceiling of the veranda shows evidence of floral designs and eroded reliefs. These show themes such as makaras and other mythical creatures, apsaras, elephants in different stages of activity, females in waving or welcoming gesture. They have a number of finely and ornately carved caves built during 2nd century BCE. Cave 19 plan, known for its figures of the Buddha, Kubera and other arts 5th century CE [77]. This grouping, and their belonging to the Hinayana Theravada [25] tradition of Buddhism, is generally accepted by scholars, but there are differing opinions on which century in which the early caves were built. The main temple is dedicated to Shiva.

Out of all the caves, there is one main cave, which has many stunning large sculptured panels. This activity was mostly suspended in because of threats from the neighbouring Asmaka kings. The Buddha in asceticism stage, getting sweet milk-rice from Sujata. Its name was changed by the Mughal…. Spink however only dates it to the 1st century BCE. Wikiquote has quotations related kn There are three doorways: The effect of the Kailash Temple is that of a free-standing temple surrounded by smaller cave shrines carved out of the same black rock.


Cave 25 is a monastery.

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Each cell has two stone beds. In the famous city of Vijayawada, one can find the well preserved 7th century dated Undavalli cave temples. There are many captivatingly beautiful and ancient sculptures carved inside the caves.

Aurangabadcity, west-central Maharashtra state, western India. It was never finished by its artists, and shows Vidhura Jataka.

Indian rock-cut architecture

The wjanta portray the Buddhist culture and stories expressed in the form of numerous sculpture and paintings. Thank you for your feedback. Some slightly creative copies of Ajanta frescos, especially the painting of the Adoration of the Buddha from the shrine antechamber of Cave 17, were commissioned by Thomas Holbein Hendley for the decoration of the walls of the hall of the Albert Hall MuseumCabesIndia.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ajanta Caves. Words fail to describe how magnificent these caves actually are during sunrise and sunsets. These mostly avoided over-painting the “official” programme and after the best positions were used up are tucked away in less prominent positions not yet painted; the total of these including those now lost was probably overand the hands of many different artists are visible.

The Ajanta Caves are generally agreed ob have been made in two distinct periods, the first during the 2nd century BCE to 1st century CE, and a second several centuries later. The oldest worship halls at Ajanta were built in the 2nd to ananta century BCE, the newest ones in the late 5th century CE, and the architecture of both resembles the architecture of a Christian churchbut without the crossing or chapel chevette.


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Some of the caves have elaborate carved entrances, some with large windows over the door to admit light. Another Persian-style esay group, on the ceiling of Cave 1, one of the four such groups one now missing at the center of each quadrant of the ceiling.

essay on ajanta caves in telugu

Tours of Meghalaya Where to go: Jamkhedkar, and Brahmanand Deshpande. Exterior, and unfinished inside of Cave All follow the typical form found elsewhere, with high ceilings and a central “nave” leading to the stupa, which is near the back, but allows walking behind it, as walking around stupas was and remains a common element of Buddhist worship pradakshina.

Cave 10 plan, a worship hall with Jataka tales-related art, 1st century BCE. Keep Exploring Britannica Mahatma Gandhi.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

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essay on ajanta caves in telugu

Hong Kong University Press. Internet URLs are the best. Cave 19 plan suggests that it once had a courtyard and additional artwork. Alsocheck out amazing places in Pune to visit on your trip How to reach: Stories of people who live to wander!