These systems are characterized by a leader process and arbitrarily-many anonymous and identical contributors. Currently, he is working on a distributed systems programming framework, called Project Orleans: Local project coordination and workshop organization: This collaboration was supported in part by Cadence, an EIT ICT Labs innovation activity in the area of privacy, security, and trust, started in , in which the IMDEA Software Institute, TNO, and Reply are applying novel anomaly detection technologies to the creation of specific innovative products and services for providing more secure ICT environments for both governments and businesses. Greg Morrisett, and at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Press release of the Madrid Regional Government.

The technique uses a model of the process which can evolve as the process executes, thus making it possible to reflect dynamic changes. Holland had the opportunity to meet personally with several researchers, including the team working on the Syncrypt Project. From computability and complexity to program analysis and security. The verifiers are submitted as executable code, and the problems are provided as source code written in the C programming language. Both positions start on January later start dates can be negotiated and last 2 to 3 years for post-docs and up to completion of studies for Ph. This allows identifying statically the parts of programs that have the greatest impact on the total cost. The successful PhD candidate will do research in cryptography under the supervision of Dario Fiore.

The president presented the Institute as one of the instruments that the Madrid Region uses to create an environment that is favorable and confidence-inspiring for companies, that is attractive for innovators, and that helps Madrid boost two of its well-known advantages: From computability and complexity to program analysis and security.

IMDEA researcher is chairing three program committees. Ju thesis presents a novel, tool-supported model-driven methodology for developing secure data-management applications.

He previously held a postdoctoral researcher position at the University of Cambridge, where he also obtained his Ph. The other one with Ph. His thesis focuses on the development of tools to support designers and implementers at the time of choosing the best countermeasures to avoid information leakage through side channels during the execution of cryptographic protocols.


The new network provides the group with 10Gbps for sending jrj receiving LHC related traffic.

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Gilles’ slides can be found here. The main novelty of ADSNARK is to work efficiently with authenticated inputs, a useful feature for applications such as smart metering and the emerging wearable computing paradigm.

The project sets out to improve blockchain systems that target Business to Business use-cases and builds on earlier success in the use of specialized hardware to implement distributed algorithms.

PC co-chair formst Fabio Fioravanti.

The conference was opened by Ms. This time, the podcast focused on Leslie Lamport, widely known for his contributions to concurrent and distributed systems, verification, and for being the creator of LaTeX, one of the systems for document preparation most widely used in scientific and technical environments. Carmela is a co-author of more than 35 publications in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals. The technique uses a model of the process which thesls evolve as jruu process executes, thus making it possible to reflect dynamic changes.

The conference awarded 4 distinguished paper awards among 59 accepted papers. You can view the full presentation in Spanish here Link to publication Apr 2, Event website Nov 28, This new approach is much more relevant to code optimization that previous resource inference approaches.

Identifying and defining properties for security in e-voting systems and developing and implementing new methods providing real evidence of correctness and security in these systems. Though the goal of verified software has existed since the dawn of computer science, the technology enabling widespread use of software verifiers has been extremely challenging to develop, due to fundamental philosophical limitations, practical engineering obstacles, and the challenge in surmounting both simultaneously.

EIT Digital Spain held its Innovation daywith the participation of several keynote speakers and panelists.


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Moreover, the framework allows programmers to specify an “admissible” overhead level per program routine function, predicate, etc. In this talk Carmela introduced advances on privacy technologies, such as those developed at the IMDEA Software Institute, that enable the design of ICT systems with the same functionality as those of today but without breaching users’ privacy.

The authors present an approach that combines fine-grain incrementality and modularity, which was not covered by previous approaches. The paper presents EasyCrypt, an automated tool for elaborating security proofs of cryptographic systems which uses off-the-shelf SMT solvers and automated theorem provers.

Runtime verification RV is a computing analysis paradigm based on observing a system at runtime to check its expected behavior. This novel framework for setting up cost relations can be instantiated for performing a wide range of resource usage analyses, including both static profiling of accumulated cost and the inference of standard notions of cost.

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This work presents a formal framework based on deductive methods which cleanly separates the analysis of the program control flow from the data manipulated by the program.

The ElasTest consortium involves 11 companies, universities, and research centers from 6 European countries. The ACCORD project aims to increase distributed ledger throughput by at least an order of magnitude, while lowering latencies by a similar factor.

Systematic reasoning for design and evaluation. This ordering operation is one of the main performance bottlenecks in DLs.

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The edition took place on 24 September in over venues of European cities in 33 countries. Press release of the Madrid Regional Government. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society.