The outcome of these investigations will determine the possible development of drugs from P. At NIPRD, where some aspects of Niprisan are still being researched, there should be more research areas about this seed earmarked for development. Piper guineense is a spice plant from the family, piperaceae and from the genus piper. In a study concerning the market for medicinal plants, tral America, South America and the West Indian islands. Some of these chemical properties supports the used of Piper guineense seeds and leaves in traditional medicine. Both seeds and leaves of P.

For instance, if extracts of seeds of P. West African black pepper Piper guineense: It was equipped with column: The non-significant high percentage dry matter in the seeds compared to the leaves shows that the seeds contains less moisture than the leaves. Ishwarane, a common constituent of Aristolochiaindica and Bixaorellana, was also isolated from the essential oil of the fruit.

Piper guineense seeds and leaves were purchased at the new market in Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria. Some identified bioactive chemicals in Litdrature.

Handbook of African Medicinal Plants.

(PDF) MEDICINAL USES OF (PIPER GUINEENSE Schum. and Thonn) SEED | Udeme Usanga –

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll umbwllatum you a reset link. It is closely related to long pepper, cubeb pepper and black pepper.

The structure of the active chemical compounds responsible for the antimicrobial properties of P. The extent of the effect of such wholesale habitat destruction on the genus is unknown, but it is to be noted that in the forests of Ecuador — the only larger region for which comprehensive data exists Dyer and Palmer, — more than a dozen species are known to be on the brink of extinction.


The use of P. The treatment umbellxtum pain medicines, fluids for hydration, blood transfusion to replace the sickled cells, multiple vaccines and antibiotics.

For instance, if extracts of seeds of P. Right from the onset, the use of plants in the treatment of diseases has been widely accepted due to their healing properties. New antimicrobials of plant origin. The inhibitory effects may due to the active ingredients that enter the digestive tract and be absorbed umellatum it.

literature review on piper umbellatum

Essential trace elements and metal binding proteins in Nigerian consumers of alcoholic beverages. The use of derivatives of P. Seattle,WA; ; Sep 15 [updated Sep 17].

However, further research weak inhibitors — MIC above 1. There have been reports Mbongue et al. Journal of Ethnophar- Agbor, G. Medicinal plants of the Ivory Coast.

literature review on piper umbellatum

Seed essential oils of the plant are also efficacious against Tribolium castanuem on stored millet seeds Lale and Yusuf, This means the use of the leaves and seeds in general nutrition contributes to the provision of proteins which the human body requires for growth, replenishing worn-out tissues, provision of amino acid s and hormones required for certain biochemical processes, litrrature of energy ljterature enzyme catalysis.

West African black pepper Piper guineense is an important plant used in traditional medicine and as umbellatu. Phytochemical composition and invitro antimicrobial activity of Anogeissus leiocarpuson some common oral pathogens. Antibacterial effect of edible plant extracts on Escherichia coli The powders caused chronic toxicity and inhibit development. Fe is required for making Hb and it is a prooxidant which is also needed by microorganisms for proliferation Journal of Stored Product Research 30 4: There have been reports Mbongue et al.


The effect of the plant seed and leaf should be investigated on more bacteria and fungi.

literature review on piper umbellatum

Resistance pattern of lower respiratory tract pathogens in Europe. In traditional herbal medicine, the seeds are put into a variety of uses, for instance, in some parts of Nigeria, the seeds are consumed by women after child birth, to enhance uterine contraction for the expulsion of placenta and other remains from the womb Udoh et al.

In vivo and in vitro activities of the seed extract of Piper guineense Schum. The effect of the iso- P. It is used as a flavouring and spice in food but it also has several medicinal Iwu, and pesticidal uses.

West African black pepper Piper guineense: