This responsibility should not be delegated to the student, but may be delegated to the supervisor following approval of the committee composition by the Unit. Should an external examiner require a hardcopy, the examiner should contact GPS directly. Can I do a manuscript-based thesis with only one article? However, if three members are closely involved with the thesis, a seven-member committee will be required see definitions below. This new partnership will provide FMGSS graduate students with opportunities to give back to the community, both in terms of participating as a volunteer for STW fundraising events as well as providing skills-based research volunteering for STW needs assessments and evaluation [

Sign in site maintenance. The keynote address will be given by Dr. A manuscript-based thesis must: Additional materials Slides, tapes, etc. A manuscript-based doctoral thesis must include the text of a minimum of two manuscripts published, submitted or to be submitted for publication.

In case of a manuscript-based thesis the comprehensive discussion should encompass all of the chapters of the thesis and should not be a repetition of the individual chapters.

Thesis Guidelines | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – McGill University

A final conclusion and summary Clearly state how the objectives of the research were met and discuss implications of findings. Initial submission by the indicated deadline for a particular granting of degrees does not guarantee graduation, nor does it exempt you from registration fees.

Manuscript-Based Article-Based Theses As an alternative to the traditional format, a thesis may be presented as a collection of scholarly papers of which the student is the first author or co-first author. In the case of students who have worked collaboratively on projects, it may be preferable for both students to write a traditional format thesis, identifying individual contributions. A Doctoral thesis must be as succinct as is consistent with the sound scholarly exposition of the subject under investigation and disciplinary norms.


Are there any months during which I cannot submit my final thesis?

Yes, you have a say. A thesis may be submitted at any time. Before the end of PhD3. What happens to my fees and student status after initial thesis submission? On the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Thesis page you will find: Students admitted to their programs in Fall onward must submissoon submit a PDF copy of their myProgress Worksheet indicating all program requirements have been met.

mcgill pgss thesis submission

If the language of the thesia is neither English nor French only allowed for specific language Units then a third abstract in the language of the thesis is required. Do I have to choose my thesis examiners myself or can my supervisor help?

Then at the end of the thesis, you have a master reference list which includes all the other references cited throughout the other sunmission of the thesis, mostly within the general introduction but also from the general discussion In the case of multiple-authored articles, the student must be the first author. The final thesis deposition signals inclusion on the graduation list. Publication of manuscripts, or acceptance for publication by a peer-reviewed journal, does not guarantee that the thesis will pyss found acceptable for the degree sought.

An important role of the internal examiner is to ensure that the written thesis meets the standards of McGill University. When do I have to complete submiswion comprehensive exam?


There is no page limit, but unnecessarily long theses are viewed negatively since one of the norms of academic scholarship is concision. A manuscript-based thesis will be evaluated by the examiners as a unified, logically coherent document in the same way a traditional thesis is evaluated.

Initial Thesis Submission

Sign in site maintenance. The Unit is responsible for the following and should refer to these guidelines when inviting external examiners to the oral defence:.

mcgill pgss thesis submission

If three members have been closely involved with the thesis, a seven-member committee will be required. Some books are physical, and all others are available online.

mcgill pgss thesis submission

Sign in site maintenance. The Unit is responsible for the following and should refer to these guidelines when inviting external examiners to the oral defence: Step-by-step instructions are available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies e-Thesis page.

Students will be required to resubmit as soon as possible for a second review, once the corrections have been made.

Preparation of a Thesis

Final Thesis Submission The final thesis should be submitted electronically, through e-Thesis on Minerva. Body of the thesis Body of the thesis should encompass sections on: Additional materials Slides, tapes, etc. This site uses cookies. The chosen procedure must be used consistently throughout the thesis.