This review was posted on September 30, Stuff You Missed in History Class Hosted by the team from howstuffworks, this podcast covers all sorts of different historical stories from ancient to modern times. Fill in the details below to create an account, if you already have an account you will be signed in instead. All we have been doing is talking about wars and countries, not their politics. This review was posted on October 20,

Take it as a foundation to see if you’re actually interested in politics and international relations, but don’t expect it to inspire you. This review was posted on October 29, To pass, do the reading, don’t openly disagree with the hierarchy but keep your principles in your mind, don’t submit , and basically kiss ass til lyou get a good mark. Firstly, Anita is not as bad as everyone says she is, she is actually really helpful if you go directly to her if you’re struggling to understand something. Essay was very difficult with little help offered.

They appear to be really finicky and obsessive with marking, compared to other courses I am taking. Essay was very difficult with little help offered.

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poliitics Reading widely and wisely is a key academic skill, which you should cultivate at an early stage: Don’t be fooled by the enticing course description or like me how much you enjoyed Politics in the first semester – do NOT take this course. Would not reccomend for those who have never even heard the word ‘neo liberalism’ before.


There was a change in lecturer this year, which I suppose was a good thing especially after reading all these comments on how horrible Anita was. This dialog can be closed by pressing Escape close button. I don’t know her.

POLITICS – reviews

Probably not the best if you’re trying to get into law. This review was posted on April 09, After having Anita as my lecturer, I have picked up two more politics papers for this semester and have decided to major in politics. For a stage 1 course, the assignments and exam are marked far too harshly and they expected way more than anyone could give.

Glenn building Pol syllabus 5May. This review was posted on November 30, guuide Above all, we are po,itics to teaching our students how to learn, so that they will be equipped to exercise their citizenship, actively engage, and maybe even offer solutions to the critical issues of the 21 st century.

politics coursework guide uoa

At some points I had to go find information about concepts on the net because of the lack of resources available. Sometimes they would be about a coursewor concept discussed throughout the reading chapter s which was fine. Greg Anderson Carson is easy to pick on. The broad range of theories and workload can be daunting.

Because they dare to point out that European colonisation of Africa and other part of the globe was a thing that happened? Submission through Canvas will run your essay through Turnitin, checking for any plagiarism problems.


Political Science

This course is very theory heavy and the theories were taught to us as couesework they had clear cut criteria but in reality they formed more of a spectrum.

Here is an excerpt: However Pol was a bit left wing for me. The content has so much potential yet she fails to deliver. Then there were tutorial quizzes. This could have guice the most fascinating course I take, but turned out to be boring and confusing.

politics coursework guide uoa

The quizzes in the tutorials were superhard like what? Tutorials are discussion heavy which was good for getting you to think beyond textbook statistics, ghide at political lenses in current situations.

This review was posted on July 20, Politics lectures should try to be as impartial as possible. This review was posted on June 05, Use a relevant theory and examples for uos answer.

politics coursework guide uoa

Thomas Gregory was a heavily prejudiced lecturer. This course requires a lot of work and they are very, very tough markers particularly when marking the essay.

The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of course schedule and basics of course grading.