Project organization For the project, two bodies were established by both parties. The project was supposed to be an alternative to ferries and planes. The project included five directors, two under English supervision and the rest under French supervision. The Implementation phase addresses both technical and management issues that arose during the course of the actual construction work. The two nations Britain and France stood to gain much economic benefit through a linkage of their mainlands.

So, the project can be briefly judged to have been successful functionally and technically, but not successful from a strategic planning and logistical planning perspective. Rationale of Analysis This student project was dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of the target project. The equivalent of this suggestion in the Channel Tunnel project would have been an IPT that had representatives from the national governments instead of a separate IGC , technical experts, and project leads from both Eurotunnel and TML. But for the construction of the world’s longest underwater tunnel, this oversight proved costly. Literature Review The literature review was conducted for this student project with an initial preference for primary sources. Of course, there is no indication that the designers had deviated from standard technical principles. The idea endured, and came closest to realisation in the years shortly before WWII.

caae The overall study was researched and loosely compiled with the following outline: Some solutions to this were discussed earlier. The syndicated banks agreed to provide the next loan after the dispute between the parties was settled. Tunneled within a layer of chalk marl under the English Channel, it now transports about 15 million people yearly. The trains could change tunnels through two artificial caverns known as the English and French Crossovers. Risk — Design and Management of the Chunnel.


However, there are lots of experience and lessons in this project that we could benefit from. A Project Management Perspective As mpp project evolved into the tunneling phase, the organization got more decentralized. Warning signs of chunjel stock had not yet been designed vehicle and freight cars. Japan Railway and Transport Review.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Financing was pursed via equity and loan capital markets. Overall, the project management of the planning and definition phase of the project could have been better.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Initial Risk Analysis In the Definition phase, the usual risks are technology risk, credit risk and bid risk Risk — The challenges were exacerbated by the bi-national division of labour and project management.

Completion risk refers to the risk of project not being completed pnp various reasons. The government was prohibited from regulating prices except in monopolies.

Case Studies in Project Management – The Chunnel Project – Knovel

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Thus indicating possible problems with initiation and planning. This guarantee amount in turn assured banks to invest their shares.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

A Project Management Perspective scheme would motivate contractors to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, resulting in a win-win for both sides. It was responsible for monitoring all matters pertaining to the construction and operation of the Tunnel. This time however, they awarded the project to a private company to fund it. Moreover, the international visibility of the Channel Tunnel ensured future business, if successful. This inevitably led to many claims and litigations towards the end of the project.


Managing the Channel Tunnel– Lessons Learned. Quality requirements were mostly defined up-front, quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control.

the chunnel project case study pmp

In addition, a detail in the tunnel-designing should not have been ignored. Care must be taken to not repeat these mistakes.

This is the research question of this report. Company took this challenge and designed the system to meet the requirements. The engineers involved in the project had been wrestling with ways of incorporating in the existing design of the tunnel, which was scheduled to open in This kind of arrangement facilitated the construction since srudy companies would be more familiar with the geographical and working conditions.

A Project Management Perspective Organizational Changes During the tunneling, fitting-out and the commissioning phases, the structure of the operating team changed to fit the different tasks.

Leaving a trail of unhappy investors and stakeholders.