Part-time student is eight 8 to fourteen 14 semesters. One of the university’s core activities is the creation and transmission of knowledge through research and training of postgraduate research students at masters and Ph. Master of Philosophy Programme M. OR equivalent undergraduate medical qualifications that is recognized by UMS Senate; Candidate must have successfully completed 2 years Houseman Training Housemanship ; Candidate must have minimum 2 years of clinical experience post-full Registration that is certified by the relevant authorities e. Part-time student is four 4 to ten 10 semesters.

Bachelor Of Engineering Mechanical Engineering. Your payment will be verified by UMS Bursar within 2 working days. UMS has more than 17, students and 2, staff, this EcoCampus would give a great positive impact towards the environment, economy and society in Asia. For Academic Referees nomination, fresh graduate must provide two 2 academic referees from your current or recent university graduate and for working applicants must provide one 1 academic referee from your most recent higher education course you took and another one 1 academic referee is your current employer. The Centre for The Promotion of Knowledge and Language Learning was also established to support teaching, learning and research in the University. The Centre for The Promotion of Knowledge and Language Learning was also established to support teaching, learning and research in the University. Duration Master Programme Full-time:

ums postgraduate coursework

After your account is activated, please click on the Login link and enter credential information using your username and password you have just created. Once your payment has been verified and accepted, you will be notified via e-mail whether the transaction is successful.

You can apply for February or September intake. Abu Hassan Othman, whose unrelenting dedication and unsurpassed contribution has seen oostgraduate University through multiple stages of development.

ums postgraduate coursework

Phil Master of Philosophy [M. Cuvier’s Beaked Whale are dark grey, others a reddish-brown. Master of Engineering Oil and Gas.


UMS – Postgraduate

Bachelor Of Engineering Chemical Engineering. The Faculty of Psychology and Education is currently offering the largest and varied postgraduate programs. Aesthetic arrangement of memorabilia, most noticeably the Voursework Mace, adds to splendor and magnificence of the Museum.

For declaration section, please ensure that you have uploaded all documents required by Centre for Postgraduate Studies in order to proceed in this section. Philosophy An education that is based upon the principle of the belief in God and in the development of students who are progressive, disciplined, integrated and balanced in their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual outlook, and postgarduate will contribute towards the well being of the society and the nation.

In case you cannot proceed with the application after payment has been made, please send your proof of payment to kewpasca ums. Some research projects involve collaborations with government agencies, industry, and private sectors, both at home and abroad.


UMS is also built new branches in other parts of Sabah such as Tawau similar to its branch in Labuan. Among its facilities are: Interactive multimedia touch screens are illuminated by the complementary effect of brightly lit lights and exquisite regal red carpet. Bayaran melalui kaunter bendahari UMS akan ditutup pada 7 Mei 4. UMS is blessed with abundant of flora and fauna, UMS is currently in the phase of being a reference center that acts as the guardian of the environment as well as to contribute to global efforts towards environmental excellence, research, management and operations in the postgracuate The EcoCampus Blueprint would increase the awareness amongst the global community towards sustainable development.

The project will gather baseline information regarding the ecology of these felids, increase awareness of wild cats in Sabah, Malaysia, and build capacity for mammal field research in Malaysia.


Uma postgraduate study program can be completed through coursework and postrgaduate. UMS is one of the most beautiful public university in Malaysia.

More than 500 students offered spots for postgraduates studies in UMS

Monday – Thursday 8. Thursday, 12 October MS Master Research M. Presentation for dissertation proposal will take place in the third semester postgraduatr submission of the complete dissertation is in the fourth semester.

The university gives the highest priority to research in line with its mission to emerge as an internationally recognized seat of knowledge. Today, UMS is proud of its 13 Schools that offer 63 degree programmes, with a total enrolment of more than 12, students.

ums postgraduate coursework

coursewrk The higher learning institutions are not only acts as a knowledge centre for the society but also as a medium to promote environmental awareness and address the solutions for these problems. Lectures for each course for one semester 2 courses with 4 credits each will be offered for each semester.

The number included students recruited through the Transforming Ideas into Reality programme, or Meniti, a new entry mode mechanism offering spots for those from families earning 40 per cent below the poverty line to further their studies at UMS. UMS poshgraduate projects are funded by the university’s own resources, national agencies, and international institutions.

Duration Master Programme Full-time: The five elements in the Ecocampus blueprint consists of: However, please keep all your documents that you cursework uploaded because those documents are to be submitted during registration day. Doctor Of Medicine MD.