Students may not transfer between the On Campus and Online MPA programs, or take core courses from the other program that are not specifically open to students from both programs, without the permission of the Graduate Adviser. View list of faculty and their research interests. Second Co-op Term Co-op placement with government, non-profit or consulting organization Students may enrol in one online elective while on co-op ADMN 6. Policies and procedures for completing a thesis are outlined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies under Student Resources. A student who passes the comprehensive examinations is admitted to candidacy for the PhD degree. Bradley, William Patrick The thesis demonstrates a student’s mastery of a substantive body of scholarly or practice literature as well as using appropriate and academically defensible methodologies to analyze research questions, test hypotheses or contribute new theoretical knowledge.

Master’s Thesis Resources For a complete list of thesis requirements and procedures, please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. Comparative Policy and Governance. Skip to primary navigation. Gaylor, Andy ; Neufeld, Ronald This order of courses is for students beginning in September or later. The Master’s Thesis requires a substantial contribution to knowledge in the field of Public Administration. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all administrative deadlines.

MPA Thesis-Based Option – University of Victoria

Evaluation Project course may take 2 terms to complete, but normally should not exceed 3 terms. You will apply critical skills in sizing up and parsing out problems, undertaking reviews of literature and best practices, carrying out empirical work, and developing finding and strategic recommendations. Throughout the program, you will develop professional writing and research skills.


When it comes time to defending your thesis or dissertation and passing the oral examination, and htesis graduating, there are many steps and forms you need to pay attention to. Before starting the project, students must complete MADR core courses DR,, or and any electives relevant to the DR project. Public Leadership and Management.

Skip to global menu. No PhD credit will be given for language training.

Program Requirements

Jamali, Hafeez Ahmed Students may not transfer between the On Campus and Online MPA programs, or take core courses from the other program that are not specifically open to students from both programs, without the permission of the Graduate Adviser. Return to page content. A written project report will be prepared and submitted to an examination committee. Completing a Master’s Thesis requires approval of the Director and admissibility as described below.

Please contact the School of Public Uvicc for further information padm uvic. Most graduate students will write and defend a thesis or dissertation as a requirement of their graduate degree.

MPA Online changes: notice to MPA Online students admitted by Fall

As a kpa of program review inthe School proposed changes that will update the MPA Online program. There is a growing recognition that public sector complaint systems do not yield results that are satisfactory for citizens and users.

Some students will have publishers interested in publishing their work, or have sensitive patent information in their thesis or dissertation, or even have a signed contract to write a book.


uvic mpa thesis

All of the MPA courses will prepare you for the thesis. The PhD program offers learning and research opportunities in the fields of: Some features of this site may not work without it. Effective First Nations governance: The Master’s Project requires a substantial analysis of a management, policy or program problem and may be done for a client in the non-profit or public sector.

Thesis and dissertation

Lindquist, Breen, Coralie “Beyond Petroleum: Students have the choice of working individually or with a partner. This will allow you to reflect on your learning from the first term, complemented by your co-op workplace experience. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Return to page content.

uvic mpa thesis

Introduction to Professional Practice Elective 1. Return to page content.

The remaining two years entail the completion of all other law and public administration course requirements. Longo, Justin “Towards Policy Analysis 2. The MPA Course-based Online option focuses on the topics of governance, policy, management, research, economics, finance, human resources and communications.

Students must follow the program as listed here. Final Report project or thesis:

uvic mpa thesis