Projects for specialist degrees are submitted to the Graduate College. Please download a Master’s and Specialist Check-in form , or the Dissertation Check-in form , and follow the directions on those forms. Please refer to the calendar of deadlines for exact dates. If writing a master’s thesis, file a Thesis Committee Appointment form with the Coordinator of Theses and Dissertations no later than one week after the committee is formed. Apply for graduation by the stated deadline. Must have overall 3. For further questions please contact Jennifer Holm , Dissertations Specialist.

The Graduate College, the Graduate Student Association, and the Office of the Vice President for Research, and Waldo Library offer a number of workshops and seminars of interest to graduate students throughout the year. After the manuscript is reviewed, you must return any required changes to the Graduate College no later than two weeks after notification, possibly earlier for doctoral students. Apply for graduation by the stated deadline. What do I need to turn in with my thesis, project, or dissertation? Notification of successful completion of exams must be sent by the department to the Records Office before the audit can be completed. Your defense packet must be completed by your committee at your defense.

You will receive a letter with the result of your appeal. February 1 Your assigned graduation auditor will perform an initial audit to verify that all of your degree requirements have been met.

wmu thesis deadlines

I want to graduate in August, but there is no commencement ceremony. Detailed information to guide students through the honors thesis is available in the Lee Honors College student thesis handbook. All of the above requirements must be met before the defense can be scheduled. Is there a standard format I should use for my thesis, project or dissertation?


Doctoral Graduation Information

Does the Graduate College offer other workshops and seminars for students? Talk to your advisor as soon as possible. If you would like to take advantage of a Thesis Celebration time, please indicate your first, second, and third choices for date and time.

Earlier submission is strongly encouraged; you may change your graduation date at any point after the audit without paying an additional application fee.

Leave this field blank. Pass all qualifying and comprehensive exams.

Please be sure to list both the date and the start time when listing your three choices. Doctoral students must fulfill all graduation requirements, including approval of the dissertation by the graduate dean, before graduation, while master’s and specialist students have up to 30 days after graduation to fulfill their requirements.

wmu thesis deadlines

Master’s-level projects that are completed in some departments in place of a thesis are not submitted to the Graduate College for approval. Please download a Master’s and Specialist Check-in formor the Dissertation Check-in formand follow the directions on those forms. If you have any questions about Thesis Celebration Days, please give us a call ator contact Jennifer Townsend via email.

Master’s Graduation Information

Do I submit this to the Graduate College? What is “continuous enrollment” and what are the requirements? Date of thesis defense: For examples of past honors theses, please visit ScholarWorks. Is there anything I can do?

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It doesn’t look like my committee will approve my thesis or dissertation before the submission deadline. After you complete the student section, your advisor will fill out the next section and submit the form to the Graduate College for review. If graduation requirements are not completed by the deadlines, you must change your graduation date by contacting the Office of Graduation Auditing at Check with your department to see if there is a specific program of study form for your program, if not, a general program of study form can be found on the Graduate College Forms page.


Please submit this form at least deadline month 30 days prior to your scheduled defense date and time.

wmu thesis deadlines

Join us April 16, 17, 18, and 19, to present and defend your thesis, and stick around to attend other presentations!

Defense must take place at least one week before dissertation submission deadline submission deadlines. First and last name of committee member: Information about the process of applying for graduation may be found on the Registrar’s website.

I have to do a project for my master’s degree instead of a thesis. The information is intended to guide you in completing your degree requirements.

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Special exceptions to the continuous enrollment policy may be granted by appealing to the Graduate College dean. Students and faculty whose research involves working with human subjects are required by law to complete mandatory training prior to conducting research. Can Tgesis attend another ceremony?