Maybe it was a really crap recording. By Esa Harju in General Ambushed by Ice Real Pilot Story: Unintended Consequences Accident Case Study: You can blame ATC but if a pilot crashes because of some ATC call then he would have probably crashed at some untowered airport, where the comms can get even more confusing if things are busy.

Delayed Reaction Accident Case Study: Extention of the validity of third-country licenses in non-commercial operations By Esa Harju in General The pilot of 1DA didn’t speak up because there was no reason to at that point; he didn’t know of 4SR’s intentions and probably thought that 4SR was going to fly a normal pattern just like the controller did. The rule is Aviate, Navigate, Communicate, you don’t make any radio communications until you have an established and controlled climb. Email Required, but never shown. This sort of accident is exactly why they do that even though VFR rules don’t require it.

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aopa accident case study communication breakdown

Cross-wind landings Takeoffs and Landings 3: At that moment, it is still better to give the controller chance to react first as they usually have best idea of the overall situation.

On any nice weekend day, half of them will be nontransponding so you have no chance. In Finland, the principle has been to make ccommunication use of the transitional periods allowed by EU aviation regulations. According to the stuvy provided, this was reasonably experienced pilot, with lots of hours in make and model, flying a very simple VFR approach to his home airport.


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This sounds like an episode of the Flintstones. By Esa Harju in General Stabilized Approaches Takeoffs and Landings 4: Sign up using Email and Password.

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Negotiations between the Union and certain third countries are currently still ongoing, including on the conversion of pilot licences and associated medical certificates. I wonder if the accident pilot was distracted by his passengers — for his hours, at his home base, he was not aware of the traffic situation.

aopa accident case study communication breakdown

Plus the chances of being visual with the 6 ahead of you is close to zero. Stuff like ATC is taken care of later.

AOPA Accident Case Study: Communication Breakdown

Unintended Consequences Accident Case Study: The high weight would have increased stall speed and a rearward center of gravity would have decreased stability and control authority.

Just watched this video… I could not understand most of the casse comms and would have had difficulty flying to that airport.

aopa accident case study communication breakdown

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has amended the previous provision of the same name for to extend transition period until 20 June I have done that many times at my base Shoreham because while the ATC there are exemplary there is just no point in squeezing in as say 7, behind 6 planes flying at 70kt which I can do but only just about… Traffic is never solid except at some airshow inbound stream for much longer than that.


Normal Takeoffs Takeoffs and Landings 5: Yes, this is a towered, shudy airport; ATC should be the one to inform the incoming aircraft about the one on final. This is no rocket science. Denmark Norway and Sweden – ban on N-reg long term parking. Would be too interesting to see what will happen with that controller…. Kumpulantie 9, Helsinki Postal breakdodn As an ultimate fall back you casw always supposed to “see and avoid”.

Accident Case Study: Communication Breakdown – AOPA Live This Week – AOPA Live Video Gallery

The pilot had elected to do a “slam dunk”, close in approach rather than the normal pattern probably intending to land long so there was less of a roll-out dase, was at a high approach speed and likely in a rush, with get-there-itis.

Was the controller fully qualified? One has to fly the plane first. Not only in the US.

I think that he is supposed to give him his number in traffic sequent though. The views and opinions of originators and contributors expressed on this site are their own. You have answered it yourself.

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