Author ; Weide, R. Author ; Delventhal, R. University Library To Portal Page. Inventor Guava Psidium guajava hydroperoxide lyase and uses thereof 33 S. Cylindrotrichum and Cacumisporium anamorphs of Chaetosphaeria Czech mycology: Author ; Jansen, M.

Author Organ identity and environmental conditions determine the effectiveness of nonhost resistance in the interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and Magnaporthe oryzae Molecular plant pathology 12 4 , [ Author ; Poldmaa, K. Collinge, Lisa Munk, B. Author ; Al Dieri, R. Author ; Collins, N. Corresponding author The wheat durable, multipathogen resistance gene Lr34 confers partial blast resistance in rice Plant biotechnology journal 8 Seiten [

Author Rapid degradation of the Cry3Bb1 protein from Diabrotica-resistant Bt-corn MON during ensilation and fermentation in biogas production disseryation Journal of the science of food and agriculture 88 10[ Author Competence of roots for race-specific resistance and the induction of acquired resistance against Magnaporthe oryzae Molecular plant pathology 7 3[ Author ; Sharifi-Sirchi, G.

Social Media facebook Twitter. Author Report of the Committee for Fungi: Author ; Liem, A. Author ; Langer, U.


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Research To Portal Page. Chemistry and Biological Properties Molecules 19 8[ Author ; Penninckx, I. Author ; Horres, C. Author ; Matile, P.

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Author The dissertstion mutant emr2 shows enhanced resistance against several fungal leaf pathogens Plant breeding 2[ Author Teleomorph-anamorph connections in Ascomycetes.

Author Auswirkungen des neuen Pflanzenschutzgesetzes.

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bth rwth dissertation

Author ; Panstruga, R. Corresponding author Yap1p, the central regulator of the S. Author ; Paccanaro, A.

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Thesis advisor ; Slusarenko, A. Author ; Micoud, A. Author Occurrence and field densities of Coleoptera in the maize herb layer: Research To Portal Page. Author ; Roeb, G. Email E-Mail Send Email.

bth rwth dissertation

Author What exactly is Trichoderma harzianum Rifai? Author Biosafety of hybrids between transgenic virus-resistant sugar beet and Swiss chard Ecological applications 11 1[ Author ; Delventhal, R. Author ; Olivieri, N.

Allicin from garlic as a case study. Author ; Prell, J. Author ; Sijen, T. It is necessary to book a dissertation submission appointment.