In support of simulation, finally the system went on live on April and took further nine more months in completion. See the complete profile on LinkedIn This case study describes howSAP implementation solved these problems. Transform Your Support Processes. The company decided to replace its existing IT landscape with a future-oriented solution thatwould be capable of supporting growth and continuous innovation on a global scale. See the complete profile on

The other study conducted by jamali et al. Firstly, whether the implementation of BPR or ERP comes first and secondly, which are the critical success factors CSFs to be considered in their process of successful implementation. This paper is mainly limited to the study of Hospitals and Pharmaceutical sectors of Healthcare Industry. Methods in case study analysis. Reinvent The Way You Work.

Further, the system takes care of theprocessing of purchase orders while reducing the scope for errors and eliminating dataredundancies, leading to significant time savings. Apply to 65 Wockhardt Jobs in Mumbai on Naukri. Sehen Sie implementaiton das Profil von Prajakta K. In this way the global healthcare is growing in a faster pace.

Case Study_ SAP Implementation at Wockhardt – Express Pharma

System that provides the flexibility we need tomeet new challenges and opportunities on a global scale. Implementatin to global business requirements, while handling country specific studdy Introduce best practices of Life Science Industry for all locations Offer a single technology platform and business data analysis capability Provide high level of security, role and authorisation control The company short listed Oracle and SAP, but found that the SAP solutions were exactly inline with its requirements.


Inability to manage rapid business growth due to limitations of existing technology andsoftware applications. Explore Wockhardt job implemetnation in Mumbai Now Wrong, Bernard, and David Tein.

The Age of Disruption. The rest of implementtion those were not considered are culture and less bureaucratic structure. After 4 months, a review showed the implementation was spinning out of control due lack of coordination between personnel and limited implementation experience with consultants, leads to lack of Leadership of chosen team director.

Today, there are satisfied SAP users in Wockhardt. This paper is only restricted to healthcare Industry and its findings are based on the cases analysed. Jeetesh kumar singh – General Manager – Aristo Researchers can use imllementation study methodology for many purposes such as to explore new areas and issues, to describe a process or the effects of an event, especially when such events influence many different parties and to explain a complex phenomenon Kohn, More than65 percent of the companys revenue comes from the United States of America and Europe.

Case Study_ SAP Implementation at Wockhardt – Express Pharma

We have a core business infrastructure that studt grow as we grow,says Shenoy. But the organization was not that much satisfied with SAP and IBM, they developed their own team and done several modifications those better fit in to their organization. The companys centralised SAP softwarebased system gives management an effective toolfor the direction and control of its country subsidiaries. Let us move to the next session i.

case study sap implementation at wockhardt

Olson, D L, and F Zhao. The other studies revealed 29 best practices in relation with healthcare Industry by analyzing 10 case studies, in which the previous best practices are included Netjes, Mans, Reijers, Aalst, vanwersch, It enables simple, secure and personalised access toinformation for employees and business partners. Fish bone approach helped in process analysis and simulation was used in redesigning demand side process that went live on February 1st Reinvent The Way You Work.


Whitman and Gibson developed a study for discovering why enterprises use BPR. A new leader was deployed and it went well. Dhruba Jyoti Malakar heeft 8 functies op zijn of haar profiel. It has a strong trackrecord in acquisition management, with five successful acquisitions in the European market.

The reasons identified are to improve inefficient business processes, to be industrial leader, to reorganize business functions, and to improve current industry position.

Public Sector Cyber-Security Stance. A Compilation and analysis of critical success factors. This paper is based upon exploratory research i. Customer Profile The client for this case study is a manufacturer of public transit fare systems for point of sale, validation Francis R Rajan menyenaraikan 7 pekerjaan pada profil mereka.

The existing ERP, Avalon provided certain problems such as unable to draw future road map, upgrade its technology, consolidation of data, duplication and reconciliation, lack of structured information and integration across all business functions, faster information availability and control of operations.

case study sap implementation at wockhardt