I read this and passed out , and also gave a list of current students willing to answer qs. I’ve been looking for “a n g s t” on Facebook, but can’t seem to find it. I was expecting March as well, so if the bulk of the programs I’ve applied to get back to me by the end of February, I’d be thrilled. Very happy to be at Western Kentucky in the fall! I didn’t find a post about programs so I started one here.

Replying to Columbia MFA commenter below. Sign In Sign Up. I just sent my request to a n g s t and the draft. Email congratulating me, saying another email would be coming in shortly with funding details. The director emailed back a few hours later.

Just got an email from the program director that I am at the top of the waitlist for CNF!

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Best of luck to all the applicants. It’s a new season for applying MFA! However, most pieces of literature seem to be written in a style that cannot be read quickly. It did say notifications went out today.

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Was hoping someone would start this! Wriring they coming through USPS or a private carrier? He said faculty had made their decisions and “You will receive an official email notification from our Graduate Division in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for your patience and your interest in our program.


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It’s also pretty gray and cold. Nice to meet ya! Received my first rejection from Washington University in St.

Posted February 13, Thanking for offering helps for us. I’m not sure of the nature of any of them but I figured the list could be a good start. At this point, the only way in would be if someone who has accepted and paid a deposit changed their mind and decided not to attend.

I’m the second acceptance woot! Sorry, I don’t mean to be annoying or invasive, I’m concerned since I don’t have prior teaching experience and my low verbal score could ruin it. Creative Writing MFA applicants forum By mjmJanuary 29 in Literary creative writing mfa masters fine arts english literary poetry fiction.

Letters seems to be rarer, less immediate. Accepted off the waitlist! Overall I’ve been pleased with it. I read this and passed outand also gave a list of current students willing to answer qs. Hey, I just graduated from Texas State! I think SAIC has sent out interview notices, based on the results page, but the rest haven’t notified.


Showing results over 34 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I have to constantly remind myself even if I am rejected by all of them it is not a measure of my abilities lol. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t be too nervous to apply! Since I am new to this, I am learning as I go. Also, someone on another forum said that they called to decline their spot and were told that there was a long waitlist.

I just got my mga rejection from Ohio State yesterday at least they were quick about it!

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So here I am. Reading a regular book in a modern vernacular might not be a big deal. You can sort results by clicking on a column heading below. Maybe they have different people sending the letters out?

Wonderful personal email from a member of the Young People faculty! I’m honestly quite happy!