Bildungscontrolling — ein Konzept zur Optimierung der betrieblichen Weiterbildung, S. The concept was tested under real-life conditions and is now already being used to develop commercial TC services. This doctoral thesis evaluates the application of the autonomous control paradigm in the sector of event logistics, especially in relation to the disposition of rental articles. This requires a certain degree of flexibility in terms of capacity which is typically achieved through the flexible deployment of the available employees and adaptations to working hours. Several theoretical models have been developed to solve this task. In order to benefit from this form of decentralized self-organization, physical theory was combined with logistic processes, making it possible to represent both status and progress of a process by applying the concept of phase display. Evaluations in job shop and flexible flow shop scheduling revealed that significantly better predictions can be obtained this way and that the newly developed control method accounts for an enhanced performance.

This presupposes clarity as to what is actually to be achieved through further training. Verlagsgruppe Mainz GmbH, zgl. With respect to mining, modelling efforts focus on the processes of exploration, engineering design, construction and extraction. The main task of the system is to measure the logistic target achievement in the conflicting field of autonomous control and complexity levels. Personalentwicklung in der Kommunalverwaltung, s. Evaluations in job shop and flexible flow shop scheduling revealed that significantly better predictions can be obtained this way and that the newly developed control method accounts for an enhanced performance. Bremer Schriften zur integrierten Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung.

The result is the development of a comprehensive procedure for the successful integration of status-based maintenance methods in complex operational environments, which is tested in a case study using port handling equipment as disesrtation example. In doing so, education controlling is not only limited to educational measures, but also related to the entire educational process, starting with the definition of educational goals up to the application of what has been learned in the field of work.

If dissertationn employees and managers do not undergo any training measures, i. This thesis develops a process model that identifies key design elements for a company-specific simulation game template by analysing the current business situation. Handlungsfelder des Bildungsmanagements, S.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are naturally more likely to plan in the medium term – long-term financial planning is generally not possible disaertation regard to equity cover. In a comparison of processes of the mining industry with those of the manufacturing industry, the sourcing process was revealed as the area with the greatest disparity.


Thus, small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 50 employees are also affected in this sense, because they have no special human resources for education management and usually only see the training measures in operational terms and therefore in dissertatiln short term. However, the great complexity of the telecommunication networks TC networks hampers the development of new innovative TC services.

In the technical field, this critical step is usually solved through practical experience kmh by using existing constructions serving as models. The main reason usually given is that ITIL seems too complicated and expensive to implement.

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Efficient utilisation of ramp-up supporting programs, classifications, methods and tools is a precondition to meet these goals. In order to handle this hardly predictable factor, managers must be able to know, and, if possible, monitor and control, its causes, influences and effects. You cannot clarify a problematic business situation by sending an employee to a seminar at short notice and he or she then solves the technical problem, for example.

The first strategy is based on existing comtrolling feature representations and classification methods. Goals can usually be achieved in different ways and through different measures or organisational arrangements. Within the globalized environment, the flow of these batches is raising dramatically to satisfy the recurrent demands of the increasing population.

One cannot deny here that of course the “major strategic” training measures are also considered, but always for business reasons and rarely according to strategic training processes, benefit aspects or success criteria for the company. The main thesis of the author is this: Manufacturing industries are in dynamic changes in both developed and developing countries.

This paper investigates the extent to which the development of an integration model for status detection and optimisation of maintenance for complex technical systems is required. This controlling performance is almost impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises [24]since they are hardly in a position to establish, collect and evaluate the data and measures here in order to expand effective and efficient education controlling, which would also describe sustainability, since it is strategically and permanently oriented.


The dilemma of operations scheduling is a familiar challenge when it comes to planning in the manufacturing industry and describes the trade-off between minimum lead times and maximum capacity utilisation. Status-based maintenance improves the planning and management of maintenance activities, and the use of technical equipment for status detection purposes in particular is increasingly gaining in importance.

In contrast, the second strategy implements Deep Learning, which introduces feature generation into the learning process.

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The presented concept of throughput time harmonising capacity control extends the state of the art. The method has been realised in a software demonstrator dussertation was exemplarily used in an automotive supplier company. This thesis expands on the Shifting Bottleneck SB method by adding the Variable Neighbourhood Search VNS in order to solve the job shop scheduling problem which is used extensively to model make-to-order manufacturing processes.

Von der Erfolgskontrolle zur entwicklungsorientierten Evaluierung, In: In the science of engineering there is knowledge about a well-established procedure for constructing lightweight designs. The method is evaluated in flexible flow shop and job shop scenarios and benchmarked with traditional methods of manufacturing control.

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Bremer Schriften zur integrierten Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung, Band Kmh the point of view of the economic efficiency of educational investments, the educational departments within a company are faced with the task of making the results of education transparent and providing proof of success in order to justify these very investments, in addition to the usually extremely intensive costs of education.

Selbststeuernde Disposition im Umlaufmanagement von Verleihartikeln Autonomously controlled disposition Global markets for customer oriented individual products challenge companies due to the resulting complex and dynamic production and logistic networks.

Ein wichtiger Bereich der Personalentwicklung, S. Companies will be reliant dissetration cost-intensive consulting, process restructuring and the purchase of software to support processes.

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Entwicklung eines Integrationsmodells zur Zustandserfassung und Optimierung der Instandhaltung komplexer technischer Systeme Development of an Integration Model for Status Detection and Optimisation of Maintenance for Complex Technical Systems epubli, Modern Maintenance Systems in the Spotlight From an operational perspective, maintaining complex technical systems is a huge challenge.