In addition, the violent attacks against Zola and the injustice of the conviction of Dreyfus reinforced the commitment of the Dreyfusards. The creation of the French League for Human Rights was contemporaneous with the affair. Anti-Semitic newspapers display Dreyfus as a traitor, while others decided to wait for the verdict before publishing their opinions. His government faced the opposition of the left and of some Republicans including the Progressive Union and made sure to keep the support of the right. Cult of the flag and contempt for the parliamentary republic prevailed in the army. XV, ” The Start of the Affair “, p. As a reserve officer Dreyfus participated in the First World War of —, serving as head of the artillery depot at a fortified camp near Paris and commander of a supply column.

It began with the pamphlet of Bernard Lazare, the first intellectual Dreyfusard. The Dreyfus case began with ddeyfus discovery of a lwffaire offering to sell French military secrets to the Germans. When high-ranking military officials suppressed the new evidence, a military court unanimously acquitted Esterhazy after a trial lasting only two days. Why is an honest soldier such as Lieutenant-Colonel Picquart discredited, overwhelmed, dishonoured? He was remanded on 7 August before the military court of the Breton capital.

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The expert [Note 11] Gobert was not convinced and found many differences. On 9 March Attorney-General Baudouin delivered an page report in which he demanded the convictions be quashed without further reference to another court and denounced the army. Alphonse Bertillonwho was not an expert in handwriting, was presented as a scholar of the first importance.

Dreyfus was allowed to write on paper numbered and signed. France wanted civil peace and harmony on the eve of the Universal Exhibition of and before the big fight rissertation the Republic was about to take for freedom of association and secularism.


dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

The origin of the Dreyfus Affair, although fully clarified since the s, [18] has aroused much controversy for nearly a century. These newspapers stated the most extravagant facts and constantly falsified the truth in order to convince public opinion. Please enter recipient e-mail address es.

In January two events raised the case to national prominence: Your rating has been recorded. The nationalists, behind Henri Rocheforthowever, were more visible and organized riots, which forced the prefect of police to intervene dteyfus protect Zola whenever he left the facility [] after every hearing. The period was also marked by an arms race that primarily affected artillery.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

It is no longer controlled by facts and circumstances carefully examined which will constitute a belief; it is the irresistible cavalier conviction which distorts the facts and beliefs. The letter was supposed to accuse Dreyfus definitively since, according to his accusers, it was signed with the initial of his name. General Zurlinden who succeeded him and was influenced by the General Staff, delivered a negative opinion at the review on 10 September comforting the extremist press by saying that, “a review means war”.

At the start of the affair, the anti-Dreyfusard press greatly outnumbered the Dreyfusard press, there was virtually no newspaper that did not chose a side in the affair.

The court, in overturning the judgement, believed in the legal autonomy of the military court without taking into account the laws of esprit de corps. The secrecy was lifted and Demange could access the file for the first time.

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Military witnesses at the trial alerted high command about the risk of acquittal. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dreyfus affair.


General Pellieux has probably won great victories! It was a failure as it was not supported by the military.

On 4 December Dreyfus was referred to the first Military Court with this dossier.

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Why is an honest soldier such as Lieutenant-Colonel Picquart discredited, overwhelmed, dishonoured? On 9 June he left Devil’s Islandheading to France, but locked in a cabin as if guilty, even though he no longer was. Little by little, despite threats of arrest for complicity, machinations and entrapment by the military, he managed to convince various moderates.

Dreyfus was surely guilty. Even if the Emperor of Germany regretted that the innocence of Dreyfus was not recognized the normalization of future Franco-German relations was seen as a welcome relaxation. The goal was obviously political: After the degradation emptiness was around us. Antisemitism was from then on official and was exposed in numerous settings including the working classes. The trial opened on 7 August in an atmosphere of extreme tension.

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The request for review filed by Lucie Dreyfus could not be rejected. Flush with victory, the General Staff arrested Picquart on charges of violation of professional secrecy following the disclosure of his investigation through his lawyer, who revealed it to Senator Scheurer-Kestner. The law must stop sucking up to this ineffectual Prussian disguised as a French officer. The next lafraire the news erupted on every newspaper, a Jewish officer was found guilty of treason.