EB-1A immigrant visa application from start to finish I Immigrant petition for alien worker I Request for premium processing service I Employment-based adjustment of status Consular processing Employer consultations Employee consultations. There is no specific number of required reference letters, but you should aim to provide anywhere from 5 to 7 reference letters with your petition. In this group, I am a key postdoctoral scientist responsible for the large project pointed on the studying the wer wer during wer. Upon submission of those forms, the National Visa Center will send you an appointment letter including instructions for the medical exam and indicating when you must appear at a designated U. USCIS adjudicators sometimes apply heightened legal standards for EB1 Extraordinary Ability petitions to support a negative decision, or a Request For Evidence RFE In such cases, it can be difficult to challenge the ineligibility finding made by the adjudicators, or provide evidence to reply the Request For Evidence.

What is a Notice of Approval? If I retain Visatopia, who will by my attorney? I submitted 6 reference letters, 3 from US and 3 from Canada and Japan. We encourage frequent, open communication with our clients. Your visa interview will be scheduled when the visa number becomes current for your category according to the most recent visa bulletin.

Documentation should indicate that you, not your employer, were the recipient of the major prize or award.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

Supporting documentation may include the original Notice of Approval; a copy of your filed petition; Notice of Receipt; a valid passport; criminal history, police, military, or prison records; birth certificate; marriage certificate; and birth certificates of children. Letters from current or prospective employers; Documents evidencing your prearranged commitments such as contracts ; A statement detailing your plans on how you intend to continue working in your field in the United States.

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eb1a personal statement

The individual must demonstrate that they have sustained national or international acclaim, and that their achievements have been recognized in the field of expertise, indicating that they are one of that small percent who has risen to the top of their field of endeavor.


This is from my attorney statemdnt actaully saw the process first hand of adjudication couple of years back. Evidence should demonstrate that the scholarly article speaks to original research, experiments, or theory. However, petitions from outside the U.

eb1a personal statement

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the actual legal criteria, and the application of the criteria by the adjudicator to the often highly complex individual facts.

It is necessary to establish that this extraordinary ability has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim, and that the achievements have been recognized in the field with extensive documentation. Part One is reserved for considering the quality and caliber of the evidence put forth to support a the receipt of a one-time achievement or major, internationally recognized award, or b meeting at least three of the ten statutory criteria.

Can you please verify this? The university’s attorney will write the cover letter but I wasn’t sure if a personal statement is needed.

An application for adjustment of status, however, can take about 1 to 2 years to process. Leave a comment Share Link.

eb1a personal statement

Applicants are also required to prove that they are coming to the US to continue working in the area of their extraordinary ability. The inventions in which he has been INVOLVED are noted along with his publications, invitations as a speaker, poster presentations, and contributions to his field.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

The alien applicant should not assume the adjudicator could know that first author means major contribution in a publication, and an adjudicator cannot assume it is so. Maryland Approval Notice Date: Receipt of the lesser nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards Membership in an association that requires outstanding achievement of their members Published materials about the person in professional or major trade publications Participation as a judge and judging the work of others Original scientific, scholastic, artistic, athletic, or business-related contributions of major significance Authorship of scholarly articles in the field High salary or remuneration compared to other in your field Artistic exhibitions or showcases Performance in leading or cultural roles for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation Commercial success in performing arts.

Moreover, this discovery became a starting point for the research of other scientists see Oisut and Jkskdt and has implications in the studying of the iousditu addictions see Osioti-Oixdts and Ikjiwdt see Khait. Eb1A petition also qualifies for premium processing. After obtaining my doctoral degree inI joined the growing and active research group of Dr. For example, some advisors always put themselves first.


The applicant needs to provide citation search results, including all citation paper’s title, author name, journal name, year, vol.

But there is no comparable evidence for the one-time achievement of a major, international recognized award. The legal standard requires showing that the alien applicant has reached the very top of his or her ;ersonal. Unlike most other employment-based preference categories, a labor certification or similar individual labor shortage attestation process is not required for an EB-1A petition.

Because of my expertise in microarray technology and animal model of complex disorders, I was invited to participate in the work on genetic of obesity and diabetes. After the National Visa Center send you the processing fee bill payment notice, you have to respond it in one year. This work has been presented in the annual meeting of the Society of Statemfnt in and was published in the Journal of Uuiyiuyi Research inand was cited by other researchers.

Is a job offer or permanent employment required for an EB-1A petition? Be patient and read it again and again. This discovery allows the fresh look at the possible causes of Isuiuuyst and other complex disorders.

The researchers for EB1-EA petition are supposed to have publications and need to show their original contributions and academic impact. Applying for EB1A Green Card The EB1A green card is a self-petition green card category, meaning that unlike most employment-based green card categories which require the employer to petition on behalf of the employee, EB1A applicants may file their own petition. We need to remember that the requirements of EB1-Extraordinary Ability are set high.