The city does offer ample opportunity now to live a peaceful life. Verma was elected the speaker of the Assembly. She took “Samadhi” on the 17th day of Navratra here. SC Population – Urban. Muzaffarpur city is an important centre for the wholesale cloth trade.

Other thing, we understand the importance of hometown when we stay far away from it. Thus, my whole world was only my own town, Sitamarhi. You are right no matter your hometown is a big city or a small one, it is always special. Devotees come in masses to offer their prayers in this sacred temple. Main Uddin July 7, at 1: Beside that “Mahadev” temple is there whose Shivling is India’s third largest Shivling. Hi Atish, glad to see someone from sitamarhi has penned down this story with so much emotions.

Muzaffarpur is one of the largest commercial and educational center in North Bihar.


They were really interesting. Textile mills in the famous Marwari community dominate Suta Patti. Wo subah-subah uthkar flowers torna during Saraswati pooja and Durga pooja. Recently this page completed 10, fans, and for that I have already congratulated my all Sitamarhian people.

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In both Sitamarhi and Vaishali districts were split off from Muzaffarpur. The district headquarters is located at Muzaffarpur. The ground is not marked by any high contour and at many places there are chains of shallow marshes, which exsay the purpose of drainage for excessive water due to rainfall and overflow of the stream. Vishal Darsheel March 9, at Neither the boiling oj nor the rain could stop us to play the matches. I wonder when I used to sleep?


The office of Tirhut Commissioner is in Muzaffarpur itself. Archived from the original PDF on 5 Towj Purba Champaran district katai Sitamarhi district— Saran district. Bengalis have very remarkable contribution in bringing the city from antiquity to Modernity.

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United Nations Environment Program. SHead of the Department of History, G. InSultan Ghayasuddin Tughlak of Delhi after exterminating the “Karnata” dynasty established by Nanyadeva in North Bihar as early asbrought eessay region under his control.

There is No Better Place Than the Hometown. Mine is Sitamarhi!

We may not feel anything missing if we stay there at the same place for the whole life. It was in that Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq established his control over the district. Good to know your story. District of Bihar in India.

Yes, that cannot be replaced even you are spending life in one of the best cities of the world. The alluvial plain is a tract of great fertility. Muzaffarpur town is a very important centre for the cloth trade.


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There was an elaborate procedure for conducting the business of the Assembly of Lichchavis. Like you, I too miss my hometown after marriage.

Recently I went to celebrate Diwali and Chhath Pooja. Atish Ranjan Author July 17, at 1: Kumar Chandan July 16, at 8: This section needs additional citations for verification. It is said that here to please “Bhagwati” coconut is broken.

essay on my town muzaffarpur

Its famous for Lichee. I always felt bad being there because of the poor mindset of people around me, adverse situations in the family, and oj other reasons. In both Sitamarhi and Vaishali districts were split from Muzaffarpur.