He tells him that the outside of his cell may be well the inside of another, which implies there is no freedom in Kafira and even those who think they are free are not. Jusper is agitated and criticizes this act as a way of trying to outwit the common man. Together with Jere and Jusper, he intelligently carries out a palace coup. When she gets into trouble and jumps out of a ten-foot high window, he belatedly says he will apologize to her. He talks to the president candidly as he gives him a summary of his play.

He thinks he is a prime minister of a certain country he purports to have forgotten. When he learns from Regina that Jusper can write, he Tumbo automatically declares him Jusper the winner of the six hundred pounds that was to finance the competition. His leadership is also characterized by intimidation, assassination and corruption. Notify me of new comments via email. The government in a bid to perpetuate its continued stay in power has resulted in silencing …. The country is experiencing political upheavals that are a result of an oppressive dictatorial government.

She is convinced that boss will replace the political prisoners to mark the visit of foreign head betrrayal state. Thinking that he is raving, they tell him to put on a clean shirt and go confess.

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When Jusper is referring to a murder he committed at night, his mother thinks that he imagines killing his father. What effect…a few fraancis of fat prisoners will make on foreign investments?

They cannot understand why the likes of Jusper, Adika, and Moses talk too much and put themselves in unnecessary trouble. He also reports that Boss is so sad and has ordered a road be named Kabito Road. Mulili, Boss and Tumbo are at the mercy of the three. The writer examines the problems of independence and freedom in post-colonial states in Queshions.


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According to her, one cannot outwit their ancestors. To begin with, in the interest of peace, Nina and Doga are forcefully advised to not carry the questkons shaving ceremony. The play Jusper wrote was to be vetted in a competition. Site Search What is New? Mulili differs with him because he has been promised a large chunk of land by Boss in return for his loyalty.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Conflict heightens when Jere declares his sympathy for the oppressed who Adika had died for. The writer portrays the evils of the society in a rather humorous way.

He promises Jusper good payment in return.

Betrayal in the city

It is therefore ironic that he is determined to remove all strands of grey hair, claiming that a leader should have grey hair. Mosese is arrested and imprisoned for protesting the mistreatment of the family of his late student Adika during the funeral, weeping in public is made illegal for the academic staff. Furthermore, Jere who decides to rebel against unreasonable laws is thrown in the dungeon for neglect of duty.

Mulili threatens him that he shall pay for his actions and true to his words Jere s put behind bars.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

You do the listening, I talk. She fears that something will go wrong if he see her. The meeting lacks seriousness as much time is spent francjs payment of the committee members instead of discussing business of the day. As a form of gratitude he offers him a pocket bible.


Boss uses Mulili as a spy. We will frzncis let him down. When they seem not to notice his authority, he has them murdered just to prove who holds sway in this country. He fails in his duty to set up a writing competition, feigns ignorance that it took place and gives the opportunity to Jusper who grabs it to turn against the president and his cronies.

He also attempts to rape Regina who is forced to escape by jumping a ten foot high window. It is reported that he was shot by Chagga in self defence.

When Jusper brings the drinks he is excited. He alleges that the rioting students and the dissenting lecturers have no idea what truth and justice are all about.

Kafira is an epitome of corruption in the developing countries. Each is thinking of how to amass wealth. To put them in their place, he brings in three hundred more expatriate personnel just to prove his point. Betrayal in the City send By clicking “Send”, you agree sssay our terms of service and privacy policy.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Generally, it is their hope in life because under the Kafira government, they can only trust and obey.