Response was secured from 13 respondents of 7 different institutions including an IFI and an Islamic bank. Research paper on ijarah financing and customer satisfaction. Thanks also to my brother for his patience and help. For the same asset, insurance costs and road tax will be the same except whereby the Bank may charge an additional service fee for payment under Ijarah. Experience in the Banking Sector The average experience of respondents in Mauritius was 8. Habib Bank, present in 25 countries, is most prominent in Pakistan, where it is headquartered and provides IB services alongside CB. The review reasons that the entrance of the De Novo literature as an auxiliary adjusted the structure of the Islamic keeping money part in Malaysia where remote banks had some time ago displayed their wares by means of Islamic sheets.

The diagram below summarized how the theory is intended to be used by the study. Some concluding remarks and recommendation will be representedFeb 13, This is very true in the world of banking. If such has occurred due to negligence of the lessee, he is liable to compensate the lessor. These exchanges don’t realize social and financial advantages to the group. Confidentiality, found important by Haron et al. Mughal, Table 2. Personal Profile of Respondents This section served to collect data to firstly, obtain a profile of the respondents and secondly, for cross-tabulation for further analysis.

Ijarah hence, means lending an object to someone in return for some rental against a specified period. Educational Level of Respondents Most of the surveyed respondents had high educational qualifications: Layout of Questionnaire Covering letter It explains the purpose of the study. In the words of Mr. The objectives of this study are to: More Resilient to Crisis?

Although the tricycle operators are enthusiastic to patronize the product due to their strong religious inclination and its relative benefits, but the concerned financial institutions are still yet to start financing informal businesses such as tricycle operators via Ijarah- wa-iqtina due to either unawareness of the business potentials or is afraid of the risk involved.


This may not be used in practice, since although under the Ijarah contract ownership risk is borne by the lessor, the lessee often bears the expenses relating to the use of the asset. This uncertainty about the statement can be attributed to the fact that, although Ijarah exists since almost 5 years now, little marketing has been done to create consumer awareness and also, until now, Islamic financial literacy is very low in Mauritius as confirmed by the findings of Ramdhony Thank you for your cooperation and valuable time.

Frequency test table — Status of Employment [Appendix 9]……… The Company purchases the asset required for leasing and receives title of ownership from the supplier.

Pricing was ranked third by both Muslims and non-Muslims, consistent with the study of Haron et al.

Number of Muslim and non-Muslim respondents naming each institution The high proportion of respondents who named ABMCSL relative to CBC and Bramer suggests the rigorous marketing campaign launched by the former to create awareness and its long existence in the Mauritian market. For the Sales Manager, religion is the driving factor for clients opting for Ijarah.

Islamic organisations and mosques could be a gateway to propagation of the principles of IBF among Muslims. The role of religion is very important in the model in literatuee of the value of the coefficient of religious inclination is 0. It is the concluding chapter, elaborating on the Conclusion and recommendations and conclusions reached on the basis of Recommendations the research findings.

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For instance, Ahmad and Haronstudied the perceptions of Malaysian corporate customers towards Islamic banking products and services. Review of Financial Economics, Vol.

literature review on ijarah

There is a need for bankers to constantly exchange views and iuarah on key issues, challenges and obstacles faced when offering the Ijarah product. It has been recognized that the most challenging problem facing the operation and development of small scale businesses not only in the developing economies but also in developed economies is the issue of finance Pius, ; Wang, ; Aliyu, ; Shehu and Aliyu, Employment Status of Respondents The bulk of respondents were employed.


However, until now, very few Islamic products are being marketed and literaturre one institution is providing Islamic leasing facilities in the retail segment.

Literature review on ijarah

The study will also investigate whether there is scope for launching successful Ijarah products. The Islamic Leasing product is already present in Mauritius since A special thanks to Dr.

Lease culminating in the transfer of ownership to the lessee in such Ijarah Muntahia a way that lease and sale are kept separate and independent Bittamleek transactions.

Title page Introduction section List of references Some instructors may also x ray business plan you to write an abstract for a literature review, so be sure to check with them when given an assignment.

literature review on ijarah

Dissatisfaction for payback period insinuates that clients may not have obtained financing for the required term period while discontentment with financing amount suggests partial financing. Awareness This paper questioned whether knowledge of Ijarah-wa-iqtina among tricycles operators have any bearing in their possible acceptance of the product or not and therefore, hypothesized that there is no significant relationship between awareness of Ijarah-wa-iqtina and its possible acceptance by the tricycles operators in Kano metropolis.

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Both groups come mostly from the education sector followed by the finance field. Thunderbird International Business Review, 41, Leasing is perceived as an easy executable transaction because it involves less documentation and requires less time in concluding a deal.

This question supplements the previous one by investigating into the reasons demotivating utilization of Ijarah. In such manner, Islamic banks must take useful measures to examine the current practices and update their reviews ijarah enhancing the nature of their administrations.

It outlines the data collection methods used, the different Chapter 4: