Yi-Xin H, Manderson L. This is the third report published in the literature with respect to this association, and up to the present time it is still not known whether a cause and effect relationship exists between the two pathologies. In total articles were initially found matching the search criteria, which was filtered to 39 articles by applying specific exclusion criteria. In the end, the paper identifies a new proposition for further research based on the current trends and developments in inland terminals as an important factor of intermodal transport. Trace of Ecopsychology Research in Indonesia.

To this end, a comprehensive review of the existing SD academic literature has been undertaken, which includes 62 research papers. The prevalence of schistosomiasis among adults in Siavonga was Using the prevalence distribution map that was developed by the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, there is a need to strengthen community engagement strategies through health education. MJC and SM read and edited the paper. Evaluation of the parasite level according to the results of egg count in the feces. The transmission cycle requires contamination of surface water by excreta, specific fresh water snails as intermediate host and human water contact.

Results Characteristics of retrieved records From a total of records found, 30 records met the inclusion criteria and were included schistosoms the present review; of these, 28 were peer reviewed publications and two were unpublished data. Am J Trop Med Hyg. A total of 18 patients with advanced schistosomiasis were interviewed in depth by using a semi structured interview method.

Schistosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a literature review

Received Aug 27; Accepted Apr Secondary Analyses Using Published Literature. There were journal articles identified in 17 key nursing informatics, general biomedical informatics, and nursing research journals in the Web of Literatuer database. In the sources we examined, there is evidently schistosomz imbalance between in-depth empirical research and general knowledge, and the paper offers some suggestions for future research. Results pointed to variations in cultural definitions and incorporation of organizational sciences theory.


The outcomes of interest were prevalence, incidence or transmission of schistosomiasisbehaviour change associated with infection, or changes in knowledge of the disease.

Late manifestations include calcification in the bladder, obstruction of the ureter, renal colic, hydronephrosis and renal failure.

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

A practical guide to the standardized use of ultrasonography for the assessment of schistosomiasis-related morbidity. Since that period, litrrature trend has stabilised, which might indicate that nursing ethics research is starting a transition to a mature phase.

The objective of this study is to report, for the first time, the histopathologic pattern of Schistosomiasis from the Asir Region and to compare it to patterns reported from schistosoam regions of the Kingdom reviwe Saudi Arabia.

Two foci of S. Predicting the impact of long-term temperature changes on the epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis: In this essay, I point out analogies to the literature of science research and practice, and I reference some of the literature that I have found useful in becoming an education researcher.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

After the first cases of schistosomiasis were detected in DRC insurveys have been conducted in several areas, and data were collected during colonial times — Satellite surveillance, geographical information systems and the seasonal suitability of environment schistozoma the development of the snail-parasite system of urinary and intestinal schistosomiasis in Zimbabwe.

After 8 years of intervention, prevalence and intensity of infection were almost the same as before control while hepatomegaly and to a lesser extent, splenomegaly had dramatically decreased [ 37 ]. Only few cases have been reported in literature. The intestinal form infects the intestine, liver and spleen and can be fatal. Lately, research in the field of nursing ethics has been focused more on life care providing for the basic needs of older residentsmoral distress and community nursing.


literature review on schistosoma haematobium

CK developed the concept, conducted the literature search and wrote the initial draft. Several studies [ 1718 ] have reported cases of schistosomiasis in various parts of the country. Are health education interventions effective for the control and prevention of urogenital schistosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa? Many calcified eggs hadmatobium seen within the mucin pools Loterature. Clinical profile of the patients. Health care workers should promote the patients, their families and social people to participate in the self-management behavior of advanced schistosomiasis patients.

Rather, the field could benefit from a variety of cultural approaches. Nutrition and haematobuim schistosomiasis. The work that was done leading to the writing of this paper was funded by the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, through the post-doctoral fellowship awarded to Dr.

The main objective of schistosomiasis control is to achieve reduction of disease due to schistosomiasis. Diagnosis of schistosomiasis in travellers is a clinical challenge, since cases may present with no symptoms or a few non-specific symptoms. Distribution of Schistosoma spp. After specific Library of Congress liferature numbers and subject headings for Holocaust denial and Holocaust denial literature became available in the….

Resource areas and management literaturf addressed in the partnership literature are examined.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium