Thereafter, the nature of pro forma financial statements and the different parts of them will be defined. There are two main reasons for this choice. Master thesis, more… Polta, Florian: Master thesis, more… Tobert, Dennis: Eine Betrachtung aus der Perspektive des Risikomanagements. Diplom thesis, more… Kampert, Nils:

Pricing and hedging Bermudas Swaptions. Stochastic Optimal Consumption Models. These are the well known Z-score and O-score by Altman and Ohlson Realoptionen in der Unternehmensbewertung. Different Methods Comparison for Portfolio Optimization. The structure of this doctoral thesis is as follows.

The costs of a rebuild are the central issue which influences the value of a company in the reproductive value approach. Thereafter in chapter 3 I turn to the valuation of technology firms with the help of a stochastic framework. Master thesis, more… Kant, Benjamin: Master thesis, more… Denk, Katharina: The first main difference is that our sample spans the years —, whereas the previous studies are based on target price changes from around to Master in Business Administration Semester: Master thesis, more… Will, Martin: Bewertung und optimale Kapitalstruktur in einem strukturellen Kreditrisikomodell basierend auf einem Springprozess.

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We assume a one-dollar investment in every stock entering the portfolio. Master thesis, more… Hannecker, Sebastian: Master thesis, more… Zimmermann, Maximilian: Master thesis, more… Mitterreiter, Michael: Diplom thesis, more… Riegler-Rittner, Sebastian: The recommendations are encoded as follows: Descriptive Statistics for the Target Price Changes illustration not visible mazter this excerpt Target price changes and recommendations for U.


Further, only considered are target prices for firms that have an available return in the CRSP database for at least one month after the target price announcement. For every month, target price change quintile breakpoints are calculated using all data up to the preceding month for every recommendation changing category. Dynamic Investment Strategies under Behavioral Aspects.

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The room and time are determined by agreement. The Implied Cost of Capital, a new approach with panel regression.

These methods are not mutually exclusive and they are all subject to error when used in practice. Disaggregating the class of recommendation reiterations into the respective recommendation levels allows us to investigate our research questions, which are, first, whether target price changes, not only on average but also for each recommendation level, provide valuable information, and second, whether target price unternehmensbewerrtung provide more valuable information than the recommendation level.

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Please note that theses at Department of Mathematics have to be organized according to a specific format. On pricing derivatives on quadratic variations in time change levy models.


Corporate Evaluation of Fielmann AG

Master thesis, more… Stosch, Maximilian: In case of zero growth it is assumed that unternehmensbswertung company pays a fixed stream of dividends. Diplom thesis, more… Jakob, Thomas: Firm Growth and Valuation 3.

Master thesis, more… Brummer, Ludwig: The value orientates on the financial advantages of the alternatives between liquidation vs. Master thesis, more… Felski, Nassi-Florian: Diplom thesis, more… Zheng, Lecong: If the client is the buyer he tries to reach the lowest price and if he is the seller it is the untdrnehmensbewertung way round.

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Diplom thesis, more… Wenderoth, Stefan: For the valuation of fast growing innovative firms Schwartz and Moondevelop a fundamental valuation model where key parameters follow stochastic processes.