What do I get once I subscribe to this service? But if you talk quite alot, and random data user, this sounds like a good plan. So can your tools. I guess it depends on the local telco you are visiting. Anyhow, if exceeding the unknown fair usage limit, your mobile Internet speed will be very very slow.

Be sure to read their FAQ at the bottom of the page too before you start using them, because it can get a bit confusing. If you talk and text less, check out Maxis TalkMore plans. Do u know the termination procedures? Q1 Conference Call Presentation. Meaning, it has a data quota limit. What do I get once I subscribe to this service?

Read also my another article: I believe they some of the authorities could be users themselves too. Read on to know what Maxis not telling you openly.

maxisone business plan

Businesses can stay connected with limitless talk and text to all networks, including fixed lines, every day Worry-Free Internet: Just had to get that off my chest. Normally the bills would amount to times the amount of RM You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. I mean, do you really need minutes and SMS? Maybe it is because no mqxisone reported them to the appropriate authorities?


Since i have unlimited data unifi at home and dont need to call anyone as much as before, this one plan is killing me!!

Hope my blog can reach more people…. The plan looks great but there are some hidden information you may want to know before subscribing. What does mxxisone standard installation cover? If you are on maxisone plan when you sms another maxis user who is overseas that person will not receive your sms.

MaxisONE expands its offering with two new MaxisOne Business packages

The claim of unlimited Internet access has all the substance of a lie but for the fact of not being one, and I suspect that Business Grade Services will matter to only the finest sliver of MaxisOne Business subscribers. You can purchase another data roaming pass RM38 to recover the Internet speed. Please comment and Share this with your family and friends. Can someone explain why? More smartphones with Maxis ONE plan 4.

Maxis Announce New All-In-One Internet Plan for EveryBusiness Need – MaxisONE Business

This is clearly false advertising which means they are misleading the customers. One more experience to share here, i am in real estate line, the limitless that they saying is really lies….


maxisone business plan

Regret of choosing Maxis. Thanks for support, Jay Subramaniam! Do not dream to download movies while you are using data roaming.

Maxis Bhd : launches all-in-one Internet plan for businesses

The Internet plans offer free calls, free SMS, and flat rate data roaming. The internet was fast and I am still trying my luck on mxxisone the tickets!!

So who came up on top? They confirmed that when Maxis One Plan was launched in Mayit is capped at minutes of call and text messages. Want to know more? Please maxis exercise open disclosure kaxisone allyour users and make your site user friendly. It makes me so pissed. Add-ons are available only for customers with MaxisONE plan. Compare 7GB Postpaid Plans: Reports Higher Profit, Sales.

This new business plan takes our enterprise solutions offering at Maxis to a whole new integrated level. Maybe you want to wait a while before upgrade.