What happens if I need to resit a module that has been discontinued? This should be done as soon as possible. If you sit an exam or submit a piece of coursework you are deemed to be fit to do so. All claims must be received no later than three working days before the relevant examination board meeting otherwise they cannot be considered. Modules are often assessed by a combination of assessment methods; the types used are mostly determined by the subject area.

An aggregated, weighted mark will be awarded for each module you take. The Queen Mary Academic Credit Framework details the academic level of each award and is available online. You should check your assignment status in this case. Modules are often assessed by a combination of assessment methods; the types used are mostly determined by the subject area. In such instances a request for extenuating circumstances will not normally be considered.

Paper submissions must be made in person to the Student Support Desk.

qmul late coursework

There may also be specific hurdles for particular items of assessment in the module, and you should always read the module description for details. What the QMplus standard assignment receipt looks like. You will need to attend a medical consultation within three days of the date of your exam that you missed.

Please ensure that if you have what you believe is a valid case, you complete the submission process in accordance with the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science guidelines and deadlines. If you do not receive your submission receipts, or you do not keep hold of them.

Other grade are awarded to indicate extenuating circumstances, assessment offences, non submission or not sitting assessment etc.

In such cases, the late submission policy shall apply as normal up to the day on which feedback is given; at that point, a mark of zero 0FL shall be applied, even if this is within seven working days of the deadline.


You may not normally resit or retake a module that you have already passed in order to improve your mark. The levels range from 3 foundation or pre-university level to 8 Research level.

For full guidance please review the Advice and Counselling website where you will find a document containing the further details. Health problems include your emotional wellbeing and mental health, as well as your physical health. Will all the assessment I do count?

Module marks and assessment

If you are unsure about any of the information displayed on this page, please check the academic regulations for the year that you started your degree. Deregistration from a module s does not necessarily lead to the termination of your enrolment. A student must submit a formal claim with supporting evidence in line with that policy inorder for the circumstances to be considered. Queen Mary has identified five assessment methods: If, due to extenuating circumstancesyou are having difficulties in completing your coursework by the deadline, contact the relevant school or institute in advance and about getting an extension; do not wait until after the deadline.


EECS Handbook Penalties for late submission of coursework

Remember that handwritten assessments must be legible or they may not be marked. You must complete all specified assessment to the standard required in the module specification and regulations. This is known as condoned failure. Do not give coursework to any other member of staff as we will not accept responsibility for anything that is not submitted properly.

Late penalties will be applied for late submission. How will I be assessed? First sits and first takes always take place at the first available opportunity. For some students this may be in the late summer, depending on progression requirements and school practice.


To submit an extenuating circumstance request you must fill out the relevant form which can be obtained from the Student Support Officer.

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Every piece of written coursework must have a correctly completed front cover sheet which you must sign in order to declare that it is your own work. If you pass a module, you cannot take any of the assessments again in order to improve your mark. If you are following a three year undergraduate degree programme such as a BA or BSc then you will be expected to progress to and graduate with level 6 Honours level modules in your third developmental year.

Note that the timestamp on the QMplus receipt and the Turnitin receipt may be slightly different. In such instances a request for extenuating circumstances will not normally ciursework considered. How many times can I attempt a module if I fail it?

qmul late coursework

The pass mark for a module is an overall total mark of You may, depending on your programme, be permitted a specified number of further attempts to pass by resitting the assessment or retaking the module.

If you do not feel you are well enough to attend an coureswork exam then you should not attend and should submit a claim for extenuating circumstances instead.