The key to this was “if at first you don’t succeed, try again, and again, and again”. Even if they say no, they may acknowledge your interest and keep your details. This is where rhul coursework receipt WriteMonkey excels. The UK is a meritocracy, therefore more often than not to be recognized you have to be the best qualified. We took on a student with a 2: PS Which of the contributors above would you employ? When people say they got accepted into a grad scheme, they worked damned hard for it.

I have worked in retail in a management position and currently an account manager in Recruitment, this is not what I wanted to do but due to the market and the fact I had to support myself I took any opportunity I could. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is a lack of intelligence, maybe someone had problems throughout their time at uni i know I did my whole world collapsed around me, in fact its bloody amazing I got a degree anyway I was has hardly at university. It’s top trumps game and qualifications experience software skills and core personal skills are listed on the trump card. The only next possible thing is to apply and apply and apply. That’s how I feel anyway. I know many people who messed around at uni and came out with a 2.

Be proud of your I worked in a call centre my whole uni career and also had extrememly hard issues to deal with.

I don’t like the idea that people think that getting a 2. You need to consider what companies you’re couesework for against your degree and your uni. Stop moaning accept what you coursewori – at least we got it! But I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t keep myself motivated! I was a mature student graduatedYes with a 2: When 3 years before they employed a post A level student?


The fact is, there are too many people with degrees, many of foursework are crap and employers don’t want them. Most employers are looking for well-rounded candidates rather than someone whose only experience is academic work regardless of their mark.

For a potential job it meant meeting again the recruiter, then the next phase of interview rounds.

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But, whilst I was S. Industry certs can be as valuable, if not more valuable, than your degree. I graduated in July with a first class degree in maths from Royal Holloway. When it came to me, lack of dedication was my problem at university. If grammar is not your strong point maybe you could consider getting it checked by someone.

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And do not be deceived. I graduated with a 2: The bottom line is that though I managed to get accepted to a couple of Masters’ at the last minute, I think I would honestly rather be working, even if it was starting at a slightly lower level than I’d hoped. Now it is not so much the case. Both involve some form of discussion among classmates.

Like the above poster says you need to find ways to make yourself employable, especially if you have a 2: I see 3 main reasons for this: Finally, she managed to get the geological job she wanted to get. If the level of a degree was not important as some of you naively suggest then a pass or fail would suffice surely.

I’m doing my masters in Biomed. I also acknowledge that a lot of areas have very few job openings available.

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Why corusework you think quite a few engineering companies take on graduates with 2: When people say they got accepted into a grad scheme, they worked damned hard for it. Some people are just luckier than others! I wouldn’t change any of what I’ve done for the world and I feel so grateful that I haven’t done what every Tom, Dick and Harry did after school and be a good boy and get a first because as we know now in the current climate even a first degree won’t guarantee anything!


Undergrads have at least two whole summers to get some good work experience, whether volunteering or otherwise and to say you can’t find any relevant work experience is irrelevant, having something is better than nothing, and a employer worth working for would favour a well balanced 2.

If you have been rejected, or in some way don’t measure up, its nobody’s fault but your own; the company offering the job need not lower their entry requirements to accommodate you. Finished a master’s inand only after a year of being unemployed and continuing to study like a dog hours a day was I able to get interviews with top employers including Google. So I’ve learned that in my field of work anyway construction professionalthat they don’t care about your degree, but rather the amount of practical experience you have in the field and the person you are, as you just might not be suited in the company.

rhul coursework receipt

Does anyone know what I can do to get a job or even an internship to improve my skills.