The morphology and evolution of the eolian dunes is controlled by an abundance of xerophytic and halophytic plants. The management was entirely designed to extract whatever treasures were available, but labour and lower management mostly were staffed by locals, as the British had no expertise or adaptation experience in mangrove forests. The Sundarbans’ floor varies from 0. Protected forests of Bangladesh. This may put the surrounding coastal communities at high risk. The first management plan was written for the period — The Bangla word ban means forest, and the name Sundarban was coined either from the forests of Sundari tree ie Sundari-ban, or from the forests of the samudra sea ie, Samudra-ban, or from its association with the primitive tribe Chandra-bandhe which was corrupted into Sundarban.

The legal status of the forests underwent a series of changes, including the distinction of being the first mangrove forest in the world to be brought under scientific management. The Sunderbans mudflats Banerjee, are found at the estuary and on the deltaic islands where low velocity of river and tidal current occurs. Five species of marine turtles frequent the coastal zone and two endangered reptiles are present — the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python. The pH ranges widely from 5. The physiography is dominated by deltaic formations that include innumerable drainage lines associated with surface and subaqueous levees, splays and tidal flats.

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Researches from the School of Oceanographic Sudarban, Jadavpur University, estimated the annual rise in sea level to be 8 millimetres 0. Padma Nadir Majhi was also made into a movie by Goutam Ghose.

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Among the shrimps Penaeus monodon and Metapenaeus monoceros and the mud crab Scylla serrata are commercially important. It is the last stronghold of the bengal tiger Panthera tigris. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sundarbans.


It provides natural protection to life and properties of the coastal population in cyclone -prone Bangladesh. The Sundarbans were everywhere intersected by river channels and creeks, some of which afforded water communication between Calcutta and the Brahmaputra Valley, both for steamers and sundraban native boats. Choose a Membership Plan. It comprises closed and open mangrove forests, agriculturally used land, mudflats and barren land, and is intersected by multiple tidal streams and channels.

sundarban essay in bengali

These are also affected by cyclonic action. The area provides livelihood in certain seasons for large numbers of people living in small villages surrounding the property, working variously as wood-cutters, fisherman, honey gatherers, leaves and grass gatherers. Many have been known wssay be attacked by tigers.

sundarban essay in bengali

Join theMembers. The forest lies under two forest divisions, and four administrative ranges viz Chandpai, Sarankhola, Khulna, and Burigoalini,Satkhira and has sixteen forest stations.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The first Forest Management Division to have jurisdiction over the Sundarbans was established in We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately.

International input and assistance from WWF and the National Zoological Park, the Smithsonian Institution as well as other organisations has assisted with the development of working plans for the property, focusing on conservation and management of wildlife.

The interior parts of the mudflats are magnificent home of luxuriant mangroves. Environmental classification of mangrove wetlands of India.


Five species of marine turtles frequent the coastal zone and two endangered reptiles are present — the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python. Over the greater part of the forest, seedling recruitment was sufficient for replacement of the harvested trees. Other important plant-based industries are match factories and boat building. Init was described as a tract of waste country which had never been surveyed nor had the census been extended to it.


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Biotic factors here play a significant role in physical coastal evolution, and for wildlife a variety of habitats have developed which include beaches, estuaries, permanent and semi-permanent swamps, tidal flats, tidal creeks, coastal dunes, back dunes and levees. Some of the species are protected by legislation, notably by the Bangladesh Wildlife Preservation Order, P.

Only a few people live permanently in or around the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans provides sustainable livelihoods for millions of people in the vicinity of the site and acts as a shelter belt to protect the people from storms, cyclones, tidal surges, sea water seepage and intrusion. It was a water-logged jungle, in which tigers and other wild beasts abounded. According to Champion and Seththe freshwater swamp forests are characterized by Heritiera minor, Xylocarpus molluccensis, Bruguiera conjugata, Sonneratia apetala, Avicennia officinalis, and Sonneratia caseolaris, with Pandanus tectorius, Hibiscus tiliaceus, and Nipa fruticans along the fringing banks.

Gordon parks’ photo essay on s segregation needs to be seen today money bullion gold news, love, photogrwriting an essay and then checking shmoop to make. Geography of South Asia. Village in a clearing of Sundarbans. There are two protected areas — Narendrapur km2 and Ata Danga Baor 20 km2 that cover a mere km2 of the ecoregion.

Situated mostly in Bangladesh, a small portion of it lies in India.