They talk about what would it be like if Ryan had never moved there. On the ridiculously barren drive to the airport Volchock’s van pops out and he tries to ram Ryan’s car off the road. Phantom Planet sings us in. Marissa decides to take them to the model home where they first bonded until Ryan burned it to the ground. What do you think about this High School Valedictorian Speech? By the way if you want an autographed poster of the band I have one laying around Apparently he has to see her before he becomes Bandito Volchock after he crosses the border.

Crazy Volchock yells for them to pull over. Taylor Blog Schedule The O. Seth arrives home and Ryan tries to convince him to come clean about burning down the Newport Group offices. Well, I guess now we’ll find out, as we begin our journey Anyway she’s in for graduation and she may not get mentioned again this recap because “just in for graduation” Caitlin is boring. Friends and family cry and cheer.

The OC Music : tracks that are played on TV series The OC Season 3 Episode 25 The Graduates

Flashback to season one. More “Hallelujah” and then Marissa dies. I sense the crazy coming on. It happened with Smallville even though Lana is a taypors and it happened with The O.


What is the valedictorian speech from the OC?

He doesn’t but he carries her out and we’re reminded onscreen of all the other times he’s carried her prone body like that. Dawn arrives at the Cohen residence fresh from Albuquerque.

the oc taylors graduation speech

He gives Volchock the money but cock blocks him from talking to Marissa. More ramming more screeching. The actual graduation happens and like any graduation that isn’t yours, it’s completely a snore.

The Van is totally owning the Land Cruiser in this fight.

Ryan gets some money for giving a pawn shop guy a pearl necklace. She says she’s in town to ask Dr.

the oc taylors graduation speech

Zoom into the beach and then at Harbor High Summer, Marissa and Taylor make preparations for the graduation ceremony. Marissa decides to take them to the model home where they first bonded until Ryan burned graeuation to the ground. I think my teacher has a crush on me? Friends and family cry and cheer.

Related Questions Help traduation class valedictorian speeches? Ryan offers to drive her to the airport and says that he wants to make sure she really stays gone because I can’t keep getting sucked into your pathetic drama forever.

Caitlin says she’s staying so she can rule Harbor.

The kids spilt up from everyone for one last hangout. Newer Post Older Post Home. They snack on In and Out Burger. Okay I stopped doing the O. Does anyone know what the speech that Taylor Townsend gives at the end of season 3 is. Marissa speevh Ryan share a tender moment in the poolhouse.


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Which leads us to this It plays later as the seniors gather in the student lounge to prepare for the ceremony and once more when Ryan and Marissa join Seth and Summer in the line of students waiting to graduate and Dr Kim calls tqylors outside TRACK 4: I burnt down your business smokin’ a j.

Complete Season 1 DVD. Phantom Planet sings us in. No wait that’s actually me saying it. They have a hug. That’s how the cool kids roll.

Sadly, I think Marissa would have been Marissa. Carrying over we just have Volchock and the car he and Ryan stole sorta and Marissa who has one more pity party to throw.