How do our literary choices inform our sense of self? Just pop any questions about this course into the form below and our enquiries team will answer as soon as they can. You’ll discover some of these things in class; others you’ll pick up through being alert to what you have read and the way in which it functions. Realist impulses have often pulled writers in different directions, suggesting a plurality of different formal strategies. You’ll normally spend no less than 6 weeks or equivalent and not longer than 12 weeks a full seminar in your internship, but a period of 8 weeks usually allows for sustained practical experience followed by a period of reflection and writing-up, in which the learning outcomes of the process are consolidated. Contact the Finance department.

When to expect your results and final deadlines before final boards. Contact the Finance department. Emma, Norwich Will I have to have an interview? Some of the topics covered include. You can drop into your Hub or make an appointment to see someone. Taster and Enrichment Events.

uea coursework reassessment

International Students Advice and Support. Interruptions are granted for a variety of reasons e.

Compensation and Continuing Students – UEA

UEA has a system of support to help you during your period of study help. Healthcare and Social Science. Report an Accident or Hazard.


Current works on Campus. The aims and features of the New Academic Model that changed regulations for learning and teaching in Bachelor and Integrated Masters. Compensation is different for continuing students in comparison to finalists. Information on reassessment including practical information, examination timetables, fees and resources.

Results and Reassessment Results and Final Boards: International Students Advice and Support. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

If you are unhappy with your result, you can approach your Adviser to discuss options. Medicine and Health Sciences Health Sciences.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Log an IT Enquiry. Specific Learning Difficulty Support. Often the factors which have led to the interruption request have affected academic progress.

Current works on Campus. As there are many factors which can affect your study, working out which kind of concession you courseworl can be complicated. Extenuating Circumstances Panel dates can be found coursesork. Emma, Norwich Will I have to have an interview? Sandeep, London I won’t be clubbing or drinking in Freshers’ week because of rdassessment reasons.

Log an IT Enquiry. Go to Study homepage Apply. Repeat periods of study: At the end of the year or usually for Postgraduate Taught students, at the end of the taught module element of your course an Examination Board Board of Examiners will meet to consider the performance of each student on the course.


Wellbeing Resources for Staff. Security – Report an Incident. Changes to Module Enrolments after week 2 of a Semester, studying a Module outside of the course profile. The student must fail only one module, of no more than 20 credits. Fees and Resources You can use course resources on Blackboard and past exam papers to help you study for reassessment. If you are referred to reassessment, you will need to pay cojrsework Reassessment fee.

uea coursework reassessment

An interruption to period of study is an authorised interruption to your studies for an agreed length of time, i. Extensions to deadlines for coursework, delayed first sit of exams, good cause for reassessment, individual arrangements for exams.

uea coursework reassessment